From Hell on Mars To Worlds Beyond

I don’t write these articles often, unless it’s about a game series that I’m strongly interested in and its lore fascinates me.

I remember doing that for Darksiders, who would have thought I’d being doing it for DOOM?

I was eager to play this game the moment it was released and I hadn’t even played any of the games yet! But, I made the choice to play the game from 2016 first since it was the first game I was exposed to. DOOM Eternal was just a reminder that I needed to bump the series up to play next from the backlog.

While the 2016 game had a simple story, what I’ve played of DE so far take it to the next level, there’s so much more story content in this game, my God I don’t know what to say! I’ve wanted to learn more about the demons from Hell, but I wasn’t expecting there to also be things about other worlds, Sentinels, Maykrs, etc.

The only thing I know about the Maykrs is that their current leader wishes to have humanity sacrificed for the greater good and I don’t know how that ties to the demonic apocalypse on Earth. That, I believe the UAC never took any concern to Olivia Pierce’s work, and even after her death, they continued to study demons, do some other weird shit, and now they have wiped out more than half of humanity’s population. Damn, and now Doomguy’s back with his own fortress which looks pretty sick, not sure how VEGA has returned but I just want to ask Doomguy what have you been up to?

I’ve heard of this world called Argent D’Nur home to the Wraiths and their protectors the Night Sentinels, that is, until along came the Maykrs who offered to bring order to their world. But something happened, a civil war and then Argent D’Nur fell to the demons from Hell. I wonder what Doomguy’s connection is to all of this, he might even be a Sentinel himself.

When I started the game, I realized that this Khan Maykr was overseeing the demonic invasion on Earth ordering the three Hell Priests to take charge of it, so what happened? I think it has something to do with Argent Energy, bear in mind all this stuff I’ve written, is stuff I’ve read from either the Doom Wiki or the in-game codex, which I spent a lot of time reading, and with the previous game too!

Maybe I’m over-analyzing everything because this is a big jump in lore compared to the last game. I remember over-reading the codex in Dragon Age Inquisition when I knew nothing about Thedas and it wasn’t until when I played its predecessors did I start to understand everything more.

Don’t get me wrong, this new story is really interesting to me, and I’m hoping it becomes more exciting as I continue. The game also looks fantastic with stunning graphics and environment, combat of course continues to be fun with satisfying glory kills even if it’s become a little more challenging, soundtrack is excellent as usual and the add to platforming gives it an interesting turn.

I feel like I’ve barely started the game since I haven’t got very far since its combat is a lot more challenging than I thought, I’m going to need more time with it and my feelings will start to unfold, and I’m sure they will be feelings of love.

Damn, this game is going to blow me away, so those are my first impressions, may there be more epic turns ahead.


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