Volaan Hunters and the Barons of Hell

Oh is it Valentine’s Day? Forget that! I’m gonna write about this cool dream instead!

First, the term “Volaan” means “intruder” in the dragon language from Skyrim, and in this dream I was involved in running an arena where a hunting game would take place, using volunteers sent into the arena against demons, which turned out to be Barons of Hell, yes more DOOM demon dreams!

Everyone had an opportunity to participate, and it was perfectly safe, no one had ever been reported to die in there, but the Barons of Hell could strike heavy blows. I always looked forward to my turn because my job at the arena’s management was just running reception in this pale white room with meetings occurring in another nearby. I would hear the others complain that whenever they were selected, they wpuld just run and hide until their time was up.

I snickered at this, but the real reason why I didn’t enjoy the work was because a sheet would print everyday and under the volaan section, someone’s name would be there to enter the fray. I waited and waited everyday for my name to show up.

I was falling asleep at my desk while another meeting took place and the fax finally printed. I scrambled to grab it and finally saw my name under the volaan section. I sprung up and sprinted out of the room taking the elevator down to the basement level with the documents.

When I emerged from the elevator, there was a white stairway that led down into the arena, I followed it and was greeted by a Qunari guard that was known as Karasten, and a Daedric Warrior. The latter welcomed me as the new volaan and told me the rules, starting with that I had to evade the first demon down in the pit to actually enter the arena; something he claimed the previous participants always failed to pass.

The Karasten asked me if I needed weapons and armor (claiming the other bas never held a sword in their life), but then he looked at me and saw that I had on Shokra-Taar armor, I saw myself in the mirror with my horns and long hair, realizing what I had become. He lowered his head and handed me a Qunari axe. I took it eagerly with both hands and slid down the steps.

There was a large red demon circling the area, I backed into the central wall clutching my weapon. When I started to move, I heard him turn and then I tossed a stone in the opposite direction to distract him and slipped into the green tunnel which was a slide down into the main arena.

It was now a massive forest completely caged in with many paths through trees. It was like being in the same arena from The Hunger Games, and as I ran down the path, I saw several people I recognized from upstairs, no wonder the place started to feel emptier as days went by, and none of them had any weapons or armor. One person had found a tree branch and was hiding in a thicket. He asked me if I had seen any demons and why I was the only one who looked prepared to fight them. Uh, because this is a dream and in these dreams I kick ass as my Qunari OC!

Another warned me to hide somewhere because no one leaves and even if you’re armed to the teeth, they will hunt you down. I rebuffed them and kept walking, eventually coming towards a wooden bridge where the trees weren’t as tall, thus overlooking the artificial sky. It was like being in the forest’s canopy, even though it really wasn’t, I moved carefully and listened for distant rustling. A large shrub shook and before I knew what was happening, a green fireball burst from the bushes straight towards me, I ducked but it hit the bridge and the whole thing collapsed, taking it with me. I tumbled down the hill, landing on my side with twigs in my hair and picked up my axe. I was now in a darker part of the forest where the tree trunks were so thick and their large branches and leaves concealed the sky.

There was thumping that grew louder, like an approaching T-Rex, I frantically looked around to where it was coming from, and something grabbed me from behind, dropping my axe. When I spun around it was a Baron of Hell, roaring in my face. It then threw me across the clearing and began to charge up another fireball. I quickly got up and ran as it leapt forward for a ground pound. I grabbed my axe and readied myself and then another Baron appeared from behind. I spun with the axe, cartwheeling as it charged forward.

The two Barons rampaged launching fireballs pounding at the ground trying to hit me as I was jumping and dashing with my axe and swinging at them at every chance I got. Sometimes their pounds would knock me to the ground, or their fireballs would hit me but somehow I was not dead, like my armor was like a Praetor suit, and all the while, I heard the Damnation track playing in the background like the place had transformed into Kadingir Sanctum as the trees were set on fire from any shots that missed me. At first I thought it was in my imagination but no it was definitely playing and I smiled knowing that.

I eventually managed to chop off one of the Baron’s legs and he screamed in agony and I climbed up his arm as he staggered and cut off the upper part of his head right at jaw. A glory kill with a Qunari blade! I jumped backward into a flip as blood gushed out from the body and the remaining Baron charged forward more aggressive than before.

I jumped and swung my axe to the ground creating shockwaves all around me as the Baron pounded to the ground again, staggering slightly from the shockwave’s effect. I used this to my advantage to sever one of his arms and jabbed the axe into his throat as he fell over. Then all fell silent and the arena began to transform as a platform rose from underfoot to extract me. I rose my axe above my head victoriously and saw the other previous volaan cheering me on, and then I woke up.

Nothing like two good dreams in a row don’t you think? Now I need to see what that crucible can really do! Oh and happy Valentine’s Day bwahahaha!


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