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Fictional Characters I Want As Bodyguards

There are many characters that I love so much that I wish I could date them, kiss them, etc. but there are also some fictional characters that I love in a different way, that way is I love them like I want them as a pet or as a personal protector a.k.a a bodyguard.

This article idea first came to mind when I started drawing again and playing DOOM when my friend began to tease me of having a crush on the Cyberdemon. I dismissed that claim and said it was a different type of love which is like how I love my cats. So I decided to write it all down here! I’m not surprised that the ones I listed are pretty much all aliens so read on!

Promethean Knight Commander

The idea for me to want one of these as a protector came from a fanfiction sequel that I started writing and never finished. In my original Didact fanfiction, I encounter one of these Knight Commanders and manage to escape it as I jump into the next portal. This particular Knight was meant to return in the sequel where it recognizes me on Nomdagro and serves as my companion when the Didact is tending to other matters.

I would call it Blaze because of the fire emitting from the top of its shell and for its playful nature. Before its composition, I can’t decide what Blaze would be before that, either a human child on one of the Halos, or the first of the Didact’s Warrior-Servants who volunteered for the Composer’s first usage. I was leaning towards the former for that. But Blaze would definitely be a great bodyguard with its Incineration Cannon always kept handy and here’s hoping it never have to be used! I might just tell it to flash its skull instead!


The latest add, just like I said in my review of the 2016 game, I love that Cyberdemon and want to take him home! I don’t think the demons have genders but I’m assuming this one is male because of all that muscle. He’s a badass demon with a fun boss fight and my friends told me that me toting a Cyberdemon around is like Emily Elizabeth and Clifford together.

Originally from the remains of an ancient Baalgar demon, the Cyberdemon was created when the UAC attempted to reanimate him from the remains they gathered with cybernetic implants. Some of this did result in catastrophe when he regained motor function before the scientists had finished the job. Since then, he’s been kept in stasis before breaking out again. Imagine if I was rescuing him instead of Doomguy going to acquire the Argent Accumulator!

I could keep him in my backyard and he will let me scratch him between the horns, and he’s got his different attacks that you don’t forget: missiles, a laser beam, and he can also dash quickly and attack with a blade on his right arm. I wonder what it takes to tame a Cyberdemon, all I did in that last dream was just patch up his wound and then he started following me around after letting it heal overnight. Perhaps what I’ll need to tame one is to get him to shoot at targets and reward him with treats of meat or human flesh. He’ll make a great protector, my Service-Cyberdemon hahaha! I don’t know what I will call him though.

Undead Gregor Clegane

Say what you want about Game of Thrones, yes it has gone from being the most loved TV series, to the most hated and I don’t pay attention to it anymore either and have no interest in watching it again, but when it was still a thing, I thought Gregor Clegane was a badass knight. When he died and came back to life thanks to Qyburn’s work, he only became more menacing. The scene where the men from the Faith militant try to get Cersei to follow them and Gregor steps in the way and rips the head off one of them just proves that he doesn’t let anyone threaten or boss her around.

He doesn’t need to speak, he just follows orders without question and will protect who he is assigned to at all costs. If I ever had to walk home after dark, I’d like him by my side for sure!

Mgalekolo Duo

It’s the Terrible Two! That’s what I would always call them in the games whenever I encountered them and heard that familiar sound of their cannons and they always come in pairs. I loved how in the final level of Halo 2, the Hunters are on your side for a change, big bulky armored creatures protecting me from harm. Sure they may just be made out of worms but they’re fucking cool so hey why not?


Badass double-sided chainsaw staff, rides a giant Hydra, and commands a Riftworm, how awesome can you get? (okay maybe the last one isn’t so awesome) Skorge has everything you’ve ever wanted if you’re like me and wish you had some badass fictional character to be by your side all the time. I mean, he protects Myrrah until the Hollow is flooded and I feel like he’s just a bigshot in the Locust military that doesn’t get enough love.

Everyone likes RAAM and I like him too, but there’s just something special about Skorge, he’s a lot more agile than RAAM and before the former’s death, they were friends and Skorge basically rose from a simple Kantus, to the highest rank in the Trinity of Worms and then, to High General of the Locust Army, so yeah, what more can a girl ask for?

Exodia The Forbidden One

I did not plan to add Exodia to this article, but then I realized how awesome it would be to include him, I did have a dream about him once where he was protecting me from another monster! I mean, just look at him! There are no words I can use to describe how badass Exodia is and I think I’ve secretly fantasized about wanting him as a protector since I first saw him in the anime.

I was actually pissed at what happened to the cards to summon him in the anime, but then again if it didn’t happen then Yugi would have plowed his way through that tournament so easily that it wouldn’t have been interesting. Still, it would have been nice if say, later on he recovers the five cards on a later journey. Exodia’s unstoppable, powerful and I just want to sit on his shoulder and watch him obliterate whatever threat comes.

My favorite Legendary Quartet

As a long-time Pokemon fan I’ve got to add this as well and that’s my four favorite legendary Pokemon from gen III and IV: Palkia, Rayquaza, Groudon and Giratina. What’s interesting is that Groudon is the only one of these four that isn’t a dragon! But I love them all and each of them came in at different time for me.

How would they protect me? Well as a Trainer they defeat my enemies in battle, simple really. Palkia’s the one I’d rely on to cross the seas and spend time with at the Spear Pillar (or maybe the dimension he comes from too!), Rayquaza, I’d ride high in the sky, Groudon somewhere hot and in a cave when the cold weather becomes too much for me, and if I really need to be alone then into the Distortion world I go with Giratina! The five of us we’d battle, play games, and I’ll pet them and feed them treats you know. In return they’ll protect me from any wild Pokemon that is deemed a threat in my travels.

And those are the fictional characters I’d want to be always by my side as a protector, they could also be pets too so it’s no wonder they’re not human…. well except for Gregor!


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    1. I saw that, I actually didn’t play the gamed in chronological order. I played in like 2, 3, 1. So that contributed to Skorge winning me over first. Play RAAM’s shadow, he does it again there.


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