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Mementos and Lifestyle Walking into Dominion and Fire – Music of March 2021

Ah I think March goes by too quickly and that can either be a good or bad thing. But it was still full of events for me which made it less boring!

Anyway, here we are again with my music.

Kamelot – Memento Mori

Listening to this album for the first time I remember it being a dark sound all together and I continue to ask myself why don’t I listen to Kamelot more often. This album and Silverthorn are the only ones I have heard their music from. Apparently this is a concept album and this is one of my favorite tracks, it’s quite progressive but has many melodic parts too. I kept hearing the name “Ariel” whispered at the very end which made me realize I should do some research on the story behind their albums.

This was also when Roy was still the lead vocalist before Tommy took over, but I always felt their voices sounded very similar you know? It’s a beautiful tune that makes me want to listen to this album in full again.

Jason Derulo ft. Adam Levine – Lifestyle

The music video clearly highlights materialism and sex. Typical. But I think the song sounds like a good dance tune like I’m on the Caribbean beach again running into the water to swim under the waves. I just need another escape and the fact that I can’t is just upsetting.

This song could be longer though and I’m not a fan of Adam’s high voice, but that’s me. Yep this song’s the odd one out for this month.

Nightwish – Walking In The Air

Ah that beautiful piano at the beginning!! Tuomas Holopainen you have stolen my heart with your music! My God I love you so much……. *ahem* well now this month I started reading a book my friend gave me about Nightwish’s early years before Tarja’s departure and this is one of those songs that I totally forgot about! The last time I heard it was when I was listening to Oceanborn like it was a chore since that same friend of mine basically bought me for Christmas all of the Nightwish albums I did not have yet when we were still in high school and I was just trying to get through them all.

This song came back into my life when I started reading that book and was at the part where they talk about the recording and release of Oceanborn, I feel like this album is the beginning of what made Nightwish a phenomenon. As you might have guessed it, this beautiful song is actually the band’s version of the song from the animated short film The Snowman from 1982, at the part when the boy and the snowman fly to the North Pole. Now that I remember this song, I’m listening to it more often now and letting it seep into my soul. I can’t believe I didn’t pay attention to this one before! Better late than never.

Hammerfall – Dominion

I meant to put this song a few months ago but forgot. Why does this music video look like it was inspired by Hell from DOOM as the band plays in an arena for the demons? My heart doesn’t remember I have a crush on Joacim until I listen to Hammerfall at any point in time and part of me thinks I like Oscar too. Oh dear me! Shhhhhh….. move along!

Well, this song is epic and so is the music video as the band attempts to entertain the demons and in all honesty, I’m happy that this album turned out to be great.

I love how in the chorus, it mentions serve in Heaven or reign in Hell, it’s like the time Abaddon is asked by Lilith in Darksiders that exact question and his answer is what leads him to become the Destroyer. I love too many video games with demons and angels and this song clearly proves that.

Orden Ogan – Let the Fire Rain

Of course, the biggest event for me in March was the release of Orden Ogan’s long awaited Final Days (finally!) and the album was fantastic! Not every song was perfect, but that’s just what makes it great! This was the last single they put out before the album’s release and it only took a couple of listens for it to grow with me. It sounds so powerful and when I wrote my review for the album on a whim, I deemed it sounding like it could be before Inferno instead, but it doesn’t matter. It’s still an amazing song that I want to sing loud.

Every time I see Seeb in that outfit, my heart beats frantically because he looks so hot in it like he’s a Starship Captain or Space/Time Lord. Perhaps once I get some of my current fanfiction projects out of the way, I should do a full on Orden Ogan story with their sci-fi theme for this album. I’m also glad my review of the album was a success. Even Seeb himself liked it in the Facebook group. I’ll never know for sure that he actually read it, but I like to think that he did!

That’s it for March, spring is finally here! The weather is cooperating for once as last year it was cold until May which I didn’t enjoy, so I’m hoping for warmer days ahead.


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