Kar En Tuk

That means “Rip and Tear” in Argenta.

Well, I stayed up late last night finally beating DOOM Eternal and I came out unscathed and full of energy and happiness. For a few weeks I had delayed doing the last few levels of the campaign because after acquiring a new Crucible, I was approaching the point of no return again.

So I went back to complete all the Slayer Gates, grab some collectables that I missed, and farm for extra lives so my final run through Nekravol and Urdak wouldn’t be too difficult!

When I finally went to those places this week, I felt like I started to love the game even more. It’s atmosphere is stunning, even if what goes on in Nekravol is disturbing shit. I made it to Urdak and finally fought the Khan Maykr. She really put up a good fight and most of the time it was me running around trying to stay off the floors she set on fire until I got somewhere safe enough to shoot until I could Meathook and Blood Punch.

She’s a cool villain nonetheless despite me not expecting her real face to look the way it was upon her demise. I actually had a dream last night that I was her, levitating around the Earth with my fellow Maykrs and spotted one of them helping a human being tortured by some Necromorph-like creature. All I really remember after that was I appeared in an arena in Urdak with trees and waterfalls, and the bleachers not only had other Maykrs in them, but Sentinels and humans too.

I rose up and gave a speech about how I am the new Khan Maykr and that I will be the only one from now on yadda yadda, and that some big sacrifices would have to be made in order for my world to thrive. When I spoke, that was when I realized I had her voice too, I had not become my own version of the character but I had become the actual character in the game. When the crowds started to exhange looks, that was when portals began to open all around and the humans were forced into them by the other Maykrs. Then it didn’t take long for screams to erupt which made me know now that the demons were invading and soon the Argent Energy would be sweeping through Urdak!

Yeah, that was my dream, I also did not want to rest last night until I defeated the Icon of Sin. Sure, I put down the Khan Maykr, but that Titan was now on the loose on Earth! So I chased it down and had a long grueling battle against it and hundreds of other demons barely letting me catch my breath as I looked for more ammo since my Chaingun was most effective against it! That is what DOOM is all about, it gets the adrenaline pumping and I swear to God this game put my hypothalamus into overdrive and the more I played, the more I felt like I had become the unstoppable Exodia!

I don’t know why I had my doubts in the beginning, maybe it was the fact that this game had a sudden increase in lore compared to the last, but I kept going because of my love for such a thing and now I’m proud of my victory last night.

It’s Good Friday today and I hope you all have a great Easter weekend. Me? I’m going to spend it starting my official review of this game! It’ll be challenging because I will have to go over the Khan Maykr and the Icon of Sin as the game’s antagonists (and probably end up reusing these pictures from this post for that!) Some of my friends are asking me if I am going to give Ancient Gods a go as they’ve told me it’s harder. Well I shall see for myself, but for now I just want to bask in the glory of my success!


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