The Urdak Arena

A few hours after I posted my update of completing DOOM Eternal the other night while still in a dopamine-high state, I mentioned a dream where I was walking/levitating in the shoes of the Khan Maykr.

Well, I only gave a summary, but sometimes later on what happens is I start to recall other parts of a dream and then my imagination does the rest! So, here’s my extended version of the dream and then after that I will begin working on my review of the game, that’s a promise.

I went to bed last night after beating the game about half an hour to midnight. When I fell asleep, all was black at first and then when I opened my eyes again I was in some lit room with structures of Maykr design and red trees, I shut my eyes again and then there was a robotic voice calling to me:

Your Grace! Your Grace, it is time for you to address all those in Creation.

I sat up and saw the Makyr drone approaching and asked how soon I needed to be in the arena. That was when I realized that my voice was not my own and that could only mean that I was the Khan Maykr and sounded just like her in the game. In a way, I liked that idea that I was actually her in this dream and not some knock-off version dressed up like her that I could come up with while piecing this together. She does have a great voice so, yeah.

I rose from the bed, noticing the tentacles instead of legs on my body and three more Maykrs entered the room instructing me to follow them into a smaller chamber and stand in the middle of the the circular panel on the floor. Standing up, I was towering above all the other Maykrs, like I must have been 30ft or something. I found it hard to move and I realized that I wasn’t walking, but I was floating and wished that I could see myself in them mirror to confirm that I really was the Khan Maykr in this dream.

Another Maykr arrived, larger than the others but not quite as tall as me. He was clad in white and gold armor and might as well be the same one I saw on Sentinel Prime in the game. He spoke with less monotone.

Ah, good morning your Grace, the Priests have arrived and their Sentinel guards too. Though I do wish they would not be so paranoid. You’ve ruled for so long, how are we going to survive as a species? That is something you must tell us.

I liked the sound of his voice and thought for a moment as the Maykr drones came one by one directing several machines carrying pieces of my armor and eventually the mask. They clipped on with no discomfort and the mask made me feel like I could see clearer than before once it was donned. When the machine’s tentacles released me, I looked down at my hands and they were definitely not my own. I floated forward to the Maykr guard and thanked him sincerely and that I knew exactly what need to be said and was ready to meet the criticism regardless. It was like the words I was saying were automated responses.

I followed the other Maykrs and the guard down a long corridor with trees and statues, between one of them was a massive mirror and I stopped to look and there I was, tall and clad in Maykr armor with folded wings, the mask gave me a prettier face and covering the cortex, and the glowing orb on my chest. An ethereal appearance just like the rest of them, but only myself and the guard had arms while the drones did not. I really was the Khan Maykr and couldn’t believe it, but I was. The guard asked me what was wrong and I simply answered that I wanted to make sure the Icon of Sin was secure before heading out to this arena.

He obeyed my order without question; what I’ve learned from the codex entries is that the Maykrs are a hivemind-like society and they never disobey their Khan. The guard acknowledged and we went to a dark-lit room with golden beams. It never ceases to amaze me how colorful Urdak’s environment and technology is, and you can imagine once I start working on the review that I will have to cover the game’s graphics!

The Icon of Sin was there, in a state of dormant standing there in full armor but breathing deeply. I smiled at the sight of this and looked down at the beating heart on the podium. A small shield had engulfed it and it was the only thing that would control the monster.

I nodded approvingly and demanded the drones and guard take me to the arena, I was ready. I was then led down a different hall where the ceilings were purple and the red trees stood on each side. I caught glimpse of the view outside where the sky was a bright turquoise with stars twinkling. It didn’t seem to me that Urdak was dying, what could possibly be going wrong? Everyone looked fine and we took an elevator up and I watched the light beams zoom downward as we ascended. No one chattered but it didn’t take long for me to hear the sounds of the crowd from above.

When we reached the top. I expected to find myself in the center, but no, instead it was another corridor with less trees and more windows. The guard instructed me to proceed alone and I did down the rest of the way, and it was all completely glass now, allowing me to see the true wonders of Urdak. It seemed like it was highly populated but there was a sensation present like something was wrong. I began to see visions of other Maykrs screaming and their faces decaying, until something began to flow in the atmosphere that resulted in them feeling whole again. Was in Argent Energy? I could only guess. Then I saw something else, a human being tortured, screaming as a demon dragged it into a cage, the latter looked like a crossover between a Necromorph Slasher and an Imp. Then I saw what the solution was. The Dark Lord’s voice ringing through my ears like the cortex underneath my mask was overloading. I didn’t know what he was saying

Then, I passed through the golden double doors and floated out onto dais with a balcony overlooking the arena. Its dome was glass and the bleachers were filled with not just Maykrs, but Sentinels too, and even humans! There was no cheering, just silence and as I looked around the crowd, I could hear that eerie sound from the Urdak theme in the game. That choir with no other sound present, it still gives me goosebumps hearing it, even if I’m not playing the game. It was time for me to speak and the words came out so powerful like I was speaking freely with that voice.

Beings of Creation, as your Khan Maykr, it is my duty to inform you that the tides have changed. The Father’s essence has been taken from us, we can no longer use what we have relied on before continue our lineage. We must remain ethereal! I assure you we will find the one responsible and he will be punished. Until then, I have found a solution. The Dark Lord has promised us salvation! Argent Energy. With it, we shall keep our world alive. Now I turn to you, humanity and the other lesser races never meant to thrive, your sacrifices will be for the greater good. Hell’s invasions start now. The energy will flow and we will prosper as Gods once more, all of you, under my rule.

The Maykrs in the crowd were cheering but there was panic among the rest. Multiple portals began to open as I raised my arms and my wings spread. All the humans in the bleachers were screaming the loudest as the portals sucked them in, most likely to Hell were they would be the first to be tortured. The Sentinels turned hostile and ignited their spears to the Maykr drones. Enraged I ordered them to attack and the drones fired their rounds, killing the Sentinels in the erupting chaos. I swung my right arm forward creating a golden beam that shattered the arena’s ceiling and flew towards the exit. The shards began to kill multiple below as I ascended and the Maykr drones scattered quickly to avoid death at the hands of the Sentinels. I once again heard the Dark Lord’s voice praising my words and that the invasion was already under way.

I woke up by then to the sunlight back in my bedroom at that time, still happy with my victory from last night. How cool was that? Don’t ask me how much research I had to do just to make this as accurate as possible when it comes to Maykr culture and the environment because in the game, it’s not easy to pause to read the codex entries when I’m in the middle of a level! So, I have to go to other sources unless I open the game just to read those entries!

That’s it for today once again, I know I’ve said it already but enjoy your Good Friday and the rest of your Easter weekend. I will be hard at work at my review of the base game and my brain has been processing everything preparing me to transfer it to a draft. Stayed tuned and expect it to be a high grade, because it might just be!


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