Swing of the Century

Another thing I definitely miss about how life used to be is going to the nearest amusement park. Aside from rollercoasters, I love those swing rides where the rotating top rises and tilts. It’s one of those rides I like to relax on for a breather between the high thrills.

Whenever I go on those swing rides, I feel like I can fly. So whenever I go to Canada’s Wonderland, I go on their Swing of the Century swing ride every time.

After reading another chapter of my Nightwish novel, I recalled a part while sleeping where Tuomas Holopainen went to Disneyland on a day off during a US tour. I have never been to a Disney park and you can shock as much as you like at that from me!

Then when I began to dream, I realized I was in that same Disney park and I was in line for a swing ride. Do they even have a swing ride in their parks? Well, let’s just say in this dream there was.

Everything looked right again in the world, people laughing and chatting as they waited their turn. I watched the swings suspended from the top rise off the ground as the ride did its course.

When it was my turn, I rushed to the nearest swing on the edge and fastened myself in. By the time everyone was ready. I heard chatter next to me and turned to look, only to have my cheeks light up red, it was Tuomas sitting in the swing next to me while talking on his phone, then he hung up and tucked it in his pocket.

Whenever I see him in my dreams, he’s always wearing some fancy jacket and hat, but this time he was in a T-shirt and jeans. Grabbing the bull by the horns I said hello to him, and sure enough, he said hello back in such a friendly tone thay I thought I was going to melt in my seat as the employees went around checking to make sure everyone was seated securely in their swings.

It’s so easy to jump straight into asking a musician you like about things related to the music they write/perform, but instead I asked him what he was doing in this Disney park and he said it was his day off. He had waited all his life to visit Disney land and I said it was a bucket list item for me as well. His smile made me blush and before I could say anything else, the ride started as the top lifted our swings off the ground and began to rotate.

I got excited and let the wind whistle in my ears. The sky surrounded us as the top rotated and tilted carrying all the swings hanging from it. I briefly let go of the chains and spread my arms like I could fly right out of my swing and soar over the park as I saw the castle, characters, and other rides below me and on the horizon, my smile bright with not a care in the world.

I knew Tuomas was enjoying himself but that he was chuckling at my amusement. It’s true swing rides are not high thrill rides, but I still enjoy them. Oh and I talked to one of my colleagues at work the other day who has been to the Disney parks, she said there are no swing rides there but in this dream, there was.

When the ride ended and we were lowered back to the ground, Tuomas was chuckling saying he loved my enthusiasm. I blushed again and asked him if he could show me more attractions around the park and he said yes. We exited the ride together, and the rest well, let’s just say it could end with us watching fireworks!

I woke up soon after that feeling that motion like I was still on that ride. That always happens after a day spent at Wonderland and I am missing that place dearly.


2 thoughts on “Swing of the Century”

    1. I love amusement parks and will keep going to them and their rides until I either die or develop a medical condition where riding them would not be recommended. I also love rollercoasters and scream on them loud. šŸŽ¢

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