My Favorite Darksiders Boss Fights Part II

Continuing on with this series, the second Darksiders game has even more boss fights than the last and this time it’s more about just hitting em until they die, rather than aiming for certain weak spots. I’ve had to also rely on timing my dodges and using certain Wrath abilities to turn the tide.

I found that as I made the list of these bosses, most of them were ones from the game’s main story!

The Guardian

The only boss fight that takes place on horseback and a damn good one I must say. This is because it has the best score in the entire game! Who doesn’t want to fight a hulking golem like the Guardian?

Even before the fight I had suspicions while going with Karn to find the three Heartstones and the Guardian was just standing there inactive and massive in size. Then my concerns were proven to be correct when the final Heartstone was corrupted and the Guardian went on a rampage.

In order to defeat it, I had to knock the three Heartstones out of it while trying to avoid its giant hammer. Then one arm I had to shoot the bombs and had a short period of time to remove the stone before it recovered. Rinse repeat with the other arm except that involved a different attack I had to counter and use against him. I didn’t realize at first that I was supposed to climb to the second stone.

But when the Guardian fell, I was left with all the feels when Eideard sacrificed himself to revive the Guardian once more, but free of the Corruption so it could destroy the corrupted blockage to the Tree of Life.

How many more times must you have me kill him?

Don’t worry Death, once is enough!

Deposed King

SOMEONE CALL THE WHAMBULANCE!" — Argul AKA “The Deposed King” (Darksiders 2)

This was one of the optional boss fights that Thane gives to you after you beat him in a sparring match. I was eager to locate this boss and the other two because you know, side quests mean more XP!

The Deposed King was not accessible until I got to the Kingdom of the Dead and had to get through another dungeon full of puzzles. When I got to the king himself, this fight was frustrating in the beginning, with the most annoying attack being one that freezes me solid and I have to rapidly press the button indicated to break free because the longer you’re frozen, the more damage it deals.

It took me two attempts to defeat this boss, but it was still worth and I enjoyed it now that I look back at it.

Archon Lucien

In order to get the first key to access the Well of Souls, I had to go to Lostlight in Heaven and seek Archon Lucien’s help in retrieving it. But Lucien is too proud to hand it over so he sent me on a hunt on Earth for an artifact to clear a path to the Ivory Citadel and then going there next as that was where the key was located.

But it turns out Lucien had used me when I learned the truth from Jamaerah the Scribe, and that the former was the one in possession of the key all along, and had fallen to the Corruption. Giving him the Rod of Arafel only strengthened him more.

Lucien also has a great score for his boss fight and how many times did he shout:

The light compels you!

before slamming down with a AoE attack? Interestingly enough, I didn’t have a lot of trouble fighting him. But I felt pissed that he used me because those fights on Earth with the Wicked weren’t easy, nor were the puzzles in the Ivory Citadel. I loved watching Death tear his wings off, even though they were replaced by more decayed ones by the battle’s third phase, and his attacks got tougher to evade.


Reusing the same picture because I’m lazy. Gotta include my buddy Samael! I sometimes ask myself, how did I come to love this character so much and I knew I was going to the moment I first saw him?

In order to obtain the second key to the Well, Death has to travel back in time to obtain it from Samael and of course the latter isn’t going to give it up willingly. Samael then tests Death in combat to see if he’s worthy of it. I must say that Samael is a worthy opponent to face in full power, sure he teleports a lot during this fight but the rest of his attacks proved to be quite the challenge for me. I’m surprised I even managed to defeat him on the first try, I’m just good at timing my dodges! Hack and slash games aren’t just about attacking you know.

It was a relief to fight him to be honest because I was getting tired of all the portal puzzles back and forth between past and present. When I defeated him he seemed to act like okay I was wrong about you, here take the key. That’s why I love you Samael.


Our final boss for this game, Absalom really packs a punch as he is the only other remaining Nephilim aside from the Four. The Corruption has certainly changed him and this fight wasn’t a simple walk in the park for me.

Before fighting him, I tried to backtrack in this game, but I ran into some bugs where collectables just weren’t spawning so eventually I gave up and decided to just go fight Absalom.

The toughest part for me was when he had this attack that pinned me to ground with tentacles of Corruption. Once again, rapid button pushing to break free as Absalom walks towards me. If I don’t break free in time, he will grab and slam me to the ground several times. That’s the only part of the fight that got on my nerves but the rest was fun. It was satisfying to watch him fall, even though Death did what he did afterwards, but it was necessary.


Belial is a demon lord boss who comes in a DLC campaign where Death learns from Uriel that there are reports of human survivors spotted nearby. The one I met said he thought he had made a deal with Belial which he regretted believing that doing so put any other humans at risk.

However, this was proven to be untrue because Belial said he never made a deal with a human and never perceived humans as a threat. He was definitely a tough boss to beat with his weak point being the amulet on his chest that I had to shoot at with Redemption when the time was right.

Most of his attacks were with his trident both short and long range and I had to dodge a lot just to get through this fight with minimal struggle. I love how Death killed him with his own trident at the end and took it. If I was able to access this DLC much earlier in the game, I would have used it as my secondary weapon.

And those are my favorite bosses from the second game, I felt like this one was trickier to write because these particular boss fights didn’t require as much strategy to beat, except for the Guardian but I will continue this series, I apologize for any delay. Stay tuned for part III.


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