No, I Will Still Watch Aquaman Even If It Has Amber

Ah another example of a time where I know how to separate reality from fiction and creation from the creator. Last year a few of my friends from college and concerts were sharing links to a petition to fire Amber Heard so she wouldn’t be in the Aquaman sequel.

I wanted to wait until the fire died down a little before sharing my own thoughts on this matter and as usual, this is the safest place where I can do so.

Before I get into that, I have to say that Aquaman is one of my favorite DC films, yes I originally wanted to see it because I’ve got a huge crush on Jason Momoa like millions of other women do. But what I also came to love about the film was the visual effects. I thought that the character of Mera was badass too.

I did more research and read all about the dispute between Amber and Johnny Depp regarding domestic abuse allegations and sources claim that she was the abuser, not him.

A lot of my friends were cheering the success the petitions have gained in their number of signatures, and I sat back in my chair wondering just how they would react if I posted that I decided to still enjoy the film despite her presence. (because there are some people who refuse to watch them because of her) Would they comment how much they hate Amber forcing me to intervene and silence them so I can enjoy the movie in peace if I, God forbid, shared how much I love it? Would online strangers do the same if I commented on a clip from the movie on YouTube about that too?

Let me make this crystal clear: I am strongly against every form of domestic violence that exists. I am all for putting a stop to it 100% and firmly believe Amber Heard is guilty. However, this does not impact the existing movie itself, thus once again I am able to separate the character from the actor.

Now you might ask, why am I able to do this with Aquaman and not 50 Shades? Because the latter actually is about domestic abuse being promoted as a BDSM love story when it really isn’t. Do your research and you’ll see for yourself.

Nowadays, I feel like I cannot enjoy the film without seeing comments of backlash towards Amber regarding the incident. Like you pyjaks can’t seem to do the same as me can you? I don’t give a shit who plays Mera, she’s cool. Not only is she Arthur’s love interest but she is also like a warrior-princess version of Ariel so that’s what I call a great supporting female character!

So yes, I am aware of what happened with the actress, I firmly stand against domestic abuse, but please just let me enjoy this film in peace. Whether Amber returns to play Mera or it’s a different actress, I don’t care. I just like to pretend I’m the character in certain scenes during the movie because of my thing for Jason, even if I watch it first and foremost for him.

Peace out.


10 thoughts on “No, I Will Still Watch Aquaman Even If It Has Amber”

  1. yesss your post makes so much sense~ honestly people sometimes forget to separate the piece of work from the person and that always leads to fanwars and fights😭😭 i’ll be re-watching aquaman too, i had lots of fun watching it previously~

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    1. That’s right. I can’t describe to you so many times I’ve seen this and it’s really annoying. Some people have completely thrown away their love for some artists because of politics and other stuff. Like really? 🤦‍♀️ I need to watch it again too.

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      1. 😭😭 yess like- please people get swayed away so easily, and they put in the same mentality to other people oof- like i’d binge watch things a 100 times because i like the characters and the plot, not because i’m “indirectly” supporting the problematic actor😭😭

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      2. One time I saw Katy Perry post her support for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and some comments were screaming things like “NOOOO HOW DARE YOU I AM NO LONGER A FAN OF YOU! #maga” seriously. Calm. Down. I love her music and I don’t give a shit about her beliefs. Here’s a classic example I like to give. I enjoy reading HP Lovecraft’s stories. He was a terrible racist in his lifetime, but that has not stopped me from reading them again.

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      3. omg relatable-
        this like me with jk rowling and i don’t even buy her books, i already have them😭😭 i mean just because i enjoy so-so book doesn’t mean i care about the author or side by their beliefs or whatever. half the time i don’t even research about the author/ problematic human in question before buying or consuming their work😭😭

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      4. Yes there’s been a lot of dispute regarding her. I’m not a die-hard Harry Potter fan but I’ve chosen to not let this affect me either. If I enjoy a book, I’m going to read it and that is final.

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  2. Specifically re: Amber Heard and Aquaman 2, ditto. I’ve not been closely following the situation, but it’s hard to separate fact from fiction with it all, so in the absence of anything solid beyond the bandwagoning and questionable intent of ‘dudes on the internet’ I’ll just be letting that whole situation go.

    But more generally? There is no moral imperative to separate art from the artist. It’s a purely academic construct, and not even one universally held to when it was most in favour let alone now.

    Everyone is free to make their own decisions, but as for myself, I’d be beyond uncomfortable watching, reading, or otherwise partaking in the ‘art’ of someone who had done something I couldn’t get behind. If Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein or anyone of that nature ever worked again — there is no way I’d be putting my dollars in their direction to see whatever it was they’d done.


    1. Well I choose to make them separate if I love the creation more than the creator. Life is too short to let things like politics and criminal offense from the creator block you from liking something they made to a point where you have very little in your life that you enjoy. Every cloud has a silver lining and I would prefer to focus on that. I still make myself aware of the bad things that occurred so that I stay informed but if it doesn’t affect me directly and personally, then it will not. If some people can’t do that, it’s their loss.

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  3. It’s not okay to attack others for watching media with a problematic creator. I saw this a lot with fans who are still a part of the Harry Potter community, and they were attacked and called transphobic for doing so.

    I love the Aquaman movie as well and I don’t really notice Amber, I notice Mera as I think Amber does a good job at disappearing into the role.

    For me, it boils down to dollars. Would I see Aquaman 2 in theaters with Amber Heard in the role? Nope. This is where I draw my line as to how I support things. I don’t condone attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with me.

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    1. I might go see it in theaters, but for Jason. Likes I said to the other comment, life is too short. I don’t draw the line too much, 50 shades is where I draw it right now. If I’m entertained and find it interesting, I will go see it.


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