Countess In The Castle

Well, what was that? I have never had a dream that is about something that I am not into!

A little backstory first. Everyone knows the Resident Evil games, there are tons of them and there’s movies too. But they have not grabbed attention yet, probably because I wouldn’t know where to begin and there weren’t any monsters that caught my eye yet.

Then a new game was announced RE Village. The first thing I saw was the revelation of one of the game’s antagonists: Lady Alcina Dimitrescu.

I don’t know what happened but her reveal sparked an uproar and for some reason, I didn’t wince like I did with Grogu’s viral status. I cannot pronounce her last name nor can I spell it without copying and pasting, so I will call her Lady D, for this post.

You’d think, why wouldn’t I grimace because men would most certainly ogle over her since she’s tall (not as tall as the Khan Maykr though) and has boobs and a butt twice the size of Miranda Lawson. I guess the reason for that was because I was tired of seeing Grogu all the time and maybe Lady D has left an imprint of her own on me.

I think the reason she went viral is because of how gorgeous she is. As a straight woman, I agree she is quite stunning and in the game she hunts you in her castle, choosing to toy with you instead of just tearing you apart with those claws.

Unfortunately, she is not the game’s main antagonist despite all of the simping and acclaim she received on the Internet; I’m sure the voice actor must be flattered. She does have a good voice that suits the character well.

She’s part of four lords which must be defeated in order obtain flasks to find your daughter (what sucks is that she is apparently the first of them to die). Yeah, I read some of the plot because the chances of me playing this game are low right now due to backlog and her being the only thing that makes me want to play the games (I feel there would need to be more things in this particular universe that grab my interest in order for me to seriously consider playing).

Two of my male friends have a crush on Lady D, one of them told me he was disappointed that she was only in like a quarter of the game. But both of them still love to melt over her regardless of her fate. I think the reason for this dream is that one of those friends of mine is writing a fanfiction of Lady D. which I have been reading. He’s publishing chapters like wildfire and I’m the only one of the regular readers who is not caught up because I choose to take my time and leave a nice thoughtful comment!

Onto the dream, at first I couldn’t tell this time if I was Lady D herself, or I was just cosplaying as her in some event unlike my dream where I was the Khan Maykr. I do recall walking home after winter sunset and for some reason I was taller than my usual height, people were craning their necks to look at me as I passed. Some grimaced and others would whistle, the latter attention I have always hated. I glared at them and they scurried away like squirrels as if they were in love with me but also afraid of me, like I might turn into a dragon any minute.

Someone drove by in a vintage vehicle, like it was from the WWI era. They honked their horn at me and then enraged that was the last straw for me. I walked towards the car to see two men in it that sunroof. What could I do to them to make them show some respect. I reached towards the glass and my hands were not my own, the nails expanded to almost two meters long and shattered the glass upon impact and they were screaming. Gripping the car’s open roof, I lifted it off the ground effortlessly and tossed it across the road, the screams silenced by the crash into the ravine like a tumbling boulder and I continued to walk, keeping the claws tucked away in the pocket of a long dress I was wearing just in case some other pig decided to catcall.

The path turned into the woods and darkness had fallen. I walked through the gates to a massive castle and was greeted by many servants many of them saying to me “Welcome home milady,” in almost robotic tones. I pretended they were invisible and this is where I started to get suspicious that maybe I really was Lady D in this dream? But why would I want to be? I’m not a RE fan at the moment and I most certainly wouldn’t want to have tits and an ass that size, but maybe there was something else about her that intrigued me as it did with my friends, unlike most of the Internet.

Barely stopping to take in my surroundings of the foyer I climbed a golden spiral staircase up a tower and entered a large round room with many portraits, a golden vanity with vintage accessories, and angelic engravings at the mirror’s edge, a mannequin containing another long dress and an enormous canopy bed with platinum posts to hold up the drapes. If I was rich enough in real life, this would have passed for my dream bedroom, I wish I could live in a castle. I sat in front of the vanity and saw my face, short hair and a wide-brimmed hat, blood red lipstick like ones I saw from Marc Jacobs that I wish were cheaper, a black flower lay on the lower part of my chest, which I dared not look down past it, but I could tell I was wearing a dress.

Shocked and angry, turned away from the mirror before I could succumb to the urge of smashing it. What had happened to me, why had I become such a beautiful but deadly countess, or was I infuriated about something else? Something that I had been ordered to do. I cried out that I didn’t want to participate, then when the phone started to ring, instead of picking it up, I threw it out the nearby window in rage, until there was a knock at the door.

You all right milady?

How I wanted to respond, it was the same voices I heard from earlier, those nonchalant ones, where were the daughters? Without opening the door I yelled at them to bring me a special wine that combined human blood and berries and then I turned to look out the window again contemplating the view.

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I asked was why did I become Lady D in that dream if I don’t play any RE games yet? Well, I have concluded that yeah she was a character who took over the Internet, only for her to be the first boss you defeat which disappointed many players. Well, now they know how I feel, it’s like Lady D was only used as a marketing scheme once the devs realized how crazy the Internet was for her because of the height and sex appeal, then they revealed that when the game was out that, sorry she’s only in a small piece of it!

It’s like how the writers in Halo butchered the Didact (who is coincidentally also really tall but the difference is that he was not over-marketed, he was introduced as a character with a lot of depth in books and in-game intel, only for him to be wasted in the end) which upset me. It’s very similar if you think about it. According to my friends though, at least Lady D went out with a good bang but they still said they found her the most interesting given what’s found in her castle compared to the other three lords. But seriously, wouldn’t you want a character who was advertised a lot and loved by many, to have a major role? I certainly would. Funny, now I actually share a birthday with this game.

Whether I choose to play this game or not, thanks to my friends, I think I have gained a bit of interest in the Dimitrescu household because of the empowerment present (which is another message behind this dream). But that’s it so far. Like I said, more things will have to become appealing for me to consider playing this game or any other RE game.


2 thoughts on “Countess In The Castle”

    1. I think will give it a go one day now that the other three lords are starting to interest me, like Heisenberg. Definitely menacing but if I can handle hordes of demons or a single Xenomorph then I can handle her.


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