Music and Bands

My Rock Machine and Mistakes Swamps the Seasons – Music of June 2021

Things are starting to turn around for me and it makes me feel hopeful that I will be able to continue my career path. I've had a good amount of time off to contemplating my next steps and I think it really prepared me for the upcoming new chapter. The Cardigans - My Favorite Game… Continue reading My Rock Machine and Mistakes Swamps the Seasons – Music of June 2021


My Favorite Darksiders Boss Fights Part III

Time for the next part of this series! These are fun to write and I always have to think them through before I begin. Darksiders III was definitely the most challenging game of this series. It strongly emphasizes on proper evasion timing in order to land a successful counter. Some people don't like constant dodging… Continue reading My Favorite Darksiders Boss Fights Part III


Listen to the Rock Machine

I've been having a lot of these dreams lately and one of my friends takes it as a sign that I'm going to do something one day that it originates from. None of these dreams I have are meant to be 100% accurate to the lore, it's just what I'm experiencing. I opened my eyes… Continue reading Listen to the Rock Machine


Maykrs and Elites

My interest in the Maykrs from DOOM Eternal has collided with my longtime interest in Halo. Many times I've seen people make jokes about how Doomguy and Master Chief are different. I've had dreams where I become Dragon Master OC, I became War fighting alongside of Doomguy, then the Khan Maykr and even Lady Dimitrescu… Continue reading Maykrs and Elites


Uglies – Rebellion Against Plastic Surgery

Sounds like quite the relevant title for this review don't you think? I first heard of this series back in high school when the first novel was one of the books I could choose to read in English class, so I went with it and remembered reading it and liking the concept. Now, here I… Continue reading Uglies – Rebellion Against Plastic Surgery


Better Wishes For Characters

The past few days, I had something stuck in my head in related to the dream I had starring myself as Lady Dimitrescu. What I'm about to write, I put it out on Facebook and received a lot of support, so I might as well share it here too. Most of what is written I've… Continue reading Better Wishes For Characters