Better Wishes For Characters

The past few days, I had something stuck in my head in related to the dream I had starring myself as Lady Dimitrescu. What I’m about to write, I put it out on Facebook and received a lot of support, so I might as well share it here too. Most of what is written I’ve already covered in the dream, but this is in much more detail. This is the original text:

It’s time I let this one out. I was going to do that in the last post I made about the dream I had but that would have made it too long. Sometimes I over-analyze things when I’m uncertain about something, or there’s something I’m curious about and want to check out but I’m not sure if I want to.

I’ve heard about the Resident Evil franchise for years and never considered checking it out, even when I started getting into horror. Probably because I was sometimes told by people that it wasn’t worth it because it was just the same thing over and over and I genuinely wouldn’t know where to begin if I tried to get into it.

But I do know that it is popular regardless and a lot of my friends are into it. When the new game Village was announced this year and I saw Lady Dimitrescu for the first time and the viral status she gained, yeah I was put off by some of the horny things people were saying about her. But seeing her everywhere I tolerated because I was sick of seeing Grogu all the time (deal with it). I still didn’t think I was ever going to check out the series because of the reasons I listed earlier so I just let all the posts about Lady D absorb me as I lurked and glanced.

I even watched some footage of her from the game because I liked her noblewoman appeal and home and especially, her voice. What drew me to her was not the sex appeal but that she is another powerful woman in a video game. Some of my friends who played the game once it was out, were aware that I said I was uninterested that I was going to play, so they shared with me the disappointment that she was only in the first quarter of the game as the first boss. I would be disappointed, especially after all hype built and promotion.

I’ve seen this happen before in video games (some TV shows too) where there’s a character I start to like (most of the time it’s a villain) who either gets very little screen time, dies too soon, or dies in an anticlimactic way which annoys me. I watched all of Lady D’s cutscenes from the game, I’d say it doesn’t really count as spoilers because it’s not extremely plot critical, plus when I’m uncertain but sense I might want to check it out, I wanted to see what the game was like. She only gets 20 min of screen time in cutscenes before she mutates and dies at the end of the fight. An image I can’t get out of my head only because she is the first to die and inside I’m thinking “What? That’s it? She’s just done now?” Sometimes I wish I never knew about this, that I was never told about it just for having a slight interest in the character but not sure if I wanted to play the game. But I’m positive that even if I did play the game immediately, my feelings would be the same upon defeating her.

I decided to learn more about her nonetheless, staying out of big spoiler zones (don’t ask me how I did this) and I have concluded that her story is far more interesting than this Ethan Winters who seems like a dull white zombie-man hybrid who can reattach severed limbs like it’s nothing (I’ve seen people in Lady D’s fanbase say Ethan is the villain and not her). Who am I kidding, I’ve never picked up an RE game and here I am knowing all these things already!

I think the reason why I can’t stop thinking about this is part of me WANTS to play the game and I’ve been searching for things present in it other than her to pick it up. The other reason why I can’t stop thinking about this is the fact that I see this too often in video games, Lady D seems like the most interesting of the Four Lords (I bet you ALL of them have more interesting stories to tell than Ethan) because of what my friends have told me you can find in her opulent castle and her backstory, compared to the other three who seem to look like typical villains from a horror game along with their homes, and then she’s gone just like that and you’re not even halfway through the game yet. (I don’t particularly like how the two female lords are the first to die but I’d rather not get into that here I’ve rambled too long already)

If I was the one playing Lady D, I’d be pretty sad if I found out the character I was playing was gone too quickly if I found out she had a lot of character development. That’s just me. There I said it all. It’s not a critical thing, I just need to vent that’s all. I don’t know how to get this off my plate.

So that’s where it stops, and after the amount of comments I received on Facebook about this, I’ve decided to wishlist the game once I realized Lady D wasn’t just the only character grabbing my attention after a while. Heisenberg seems like a cool character too with his big hammer and ability to manipulate metal, so I think after saying this, I would love to play the game someday, just not right away because my backlog is already big enough as it is. Thanks for listening.


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