Maykrs and Elites

My interest in the Maykrs from DOOM Eternal has collided with my longtime interest in Halo. Many times I’ve seen people make jokes about how Doomguy and Master Chief are different.

I’ve had dreams where I become Dragon Master OC, I became War fighting alongside of Doomguy, then the Khan Maykr and even Lady Dimitrescu hinting towards the possibility that I might play Resident Evil Village one day.

In this dream I was one of my Halo OCs. I have two of them, Emili Vadum and the Emi-Didact (my most common nickname on the Internet) but I’ve never had a dream about the latter. I will dream about being with the Ur-Didact but not my OC. In this dream I was Emili Vadum.

Her original story is written here.

It started with my fleet arriving through a wormhole to a mysterious world with turquoise sky with angelic architecture and red trees. Of course, I know that this is Urdak, but as Emili ‘Vadum, I would not know what place it is at all. I boarded a Phantom and asked my mate Rtas ‘Vadum to meet me down on the surface with some other Elites and Grunts.

We landed on a plaza with statues of the Khan Maykr and gravity lifts. Stunned that such a place would possess technology so much like our own, we decided to explore further.

Rtas and I went first, jumping through three portals and climbed the stairs into a large structure with many colorful walls. I kept wondering what those statues were of but I clutched the hilt of my energy sword just in case, Rtas did the same.

The door opened and a cool female AI’s voice asked for authorization. I said we were just following an enemy ship and were pulled into a wormhole, thus seeking a way back. The AI refrained from activating any defenses, and then the door on the far side of the room opened and two Maykr drones approached with a taller Maykr with arms. Rtas and I stepped forward to greet them.

I doubt this is how Sangheili do first contact protocols but ever since Thel ‘Vadam founded Swords of Sanghelios, he has changed everything from allowing more female Sangheili to enlist to negotiating peace. I don’t know much, I know I haven’t really followed the lore excessively since the disappointment of Halo 5. So, I don’t want any lore buffs to leave any comments correcting me about how the Elites are, this is MY dream and dreams don’t always have to be accurate to the lore.

I would have spoken Sangheili but instead I spoke English to the Maykr soldier and he returned communication. Rtas said we came in peace and came through a wormhole. The Maykr said that the Khan wished to see us and I told our troops that we needed keep our weapons down and then we followed the Maykrs down the corridor.

I wish I hadn’t woken up before meeting the Khan Maykr, it would have felt weird because the last time I had a dream about her, I was her. But no matter, it was still an interesting dream.


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