Listen to the Rock Machine

I’ve been having a lot of these dreams lately and one of my friends takes it as a sign that I’m going to do something one day that it originates from. None of these dreams I have are meant to be 100% accurate to the lore, it’s just what I’m experiencing.

I opened my eyes and was in a dimly lit room with log walls and a single candle burning on the nightstand. The bed was harder than my own mattress like sleeping on a rock or one of those metal beds you can find in Dwemer ruins in Skyrim. I rose slowly and opened the door, the living room was pitch black and only a few embers remained in the fireplace. I could make out a small couch and kitchenette. The only light was a window to my right overlooking winter wilderness.

When I went to the window, the sound of metal clanking echoed in the distance, like a factory or someone working in a forge. Putting on my slippers and taking a small bag, I stepped outside.

I was walking the darkness in my nightgown with my bag trying to follow the sound. But the jangling was cutting in and out making me wonder if I was headed in the right direction. All I had was just a curious heart who wanted to know what was keeping me up at night and I was willing to go out of my way to find out what; maybe even why.

All I kept in my bag was a small pocket knife and my iPod; yeah doesn’t seem like much but the latter becomes important later. There were many clouds in the sky and the full moon attempted to shine through them, creating an eerie atmosphere. I was shivering but determined to find the source; despite my slippers sinking in the snow.

After climbing a short slope, down below me was the gate to a large old house with a barbed wire fence and the clanking was louder from there. I slid down the hill carefully and approached the gate.

The clouded moon attempted to highlight the building. I pushed the gate open slowly to let myself in, but its creaking reverberated which made me shudder more than the cold. The place didn’t look friendly just like the sounds were; there was scrap metal lying everywhere from discarded circular saw blades, pieces of engines, gears, car batteries, bolts, nuts, and other types of scrap that couldn’t be identified.

Among the grinding metal was a voice, someone was utterly mumbling to himself and every so often, the grinding turned into loud banging as if they were pounding a giant hammer into something.

I hesitated here, the place didn’t look friendly and there was something about it that didn’t make it your ordinary junkyard. It was the banging of the hammer that scared me the most, I had only come here because I wanted to find out what those noises were and I still could not make out the voice. Before I could turn back, the scraps on the pile started to shake entirely on their own, like they were being manipulated by an unknown force.

Suddenly, a single gear lunged forward and latched itself onto my abdomen as if coated in glue. I screamed involuntarily as its weight pushed me to the cold ground. It was too late to run away now, even if I wasn’t knocked down. Then other pieces rose up from the ground, levitating briefly and then attached themselves to me just like the first one giving me no ability to struggle or react. Just before I could no longer see, someone stepped out of the doorway and all I could see of him was a hat and a giant hammer before one large piece of an engine covered my face and I saw no more.

When I opened my eyes again, I was sitting on a metal stool with my hands chained behind me to a post and I was gagged. The room was dark with a single nude incandescent bulb dangling from the ceiling. The scraps had detached themselves from me but my purse was nowhere to be found. I looked across the room to see the same figure from earlier, the hammer stood on his side and he was wearing a long trench coat and hat, his back turned to me. He appeared to be rummaging through something speaking clearer this time.

Hmph, this lady thinks she could take me on with this tiny blade, and what’s this? Some kind of device, could take it apart and make it into something useful,

Whoever he was, he was snooping through my purse; despite there only being two items in there. I squirmed in the chair making the chains around me jingle hard and then he turned around.

Oh, you’re awake. Even better. I was getting bored.

When I saw him, I noticed his gray hair that went down to his shoulders and he wore round shades, which didn’t make sense because it was nighttime out. In real life, I know who this is, but in this dream, I did not and trembled as he walked over and untied the cloth around my mouth. He said I was a pretty one before walking back to the table to examine my iPod.

I warned him not to break it and he laughed glaring at me, and said:

Shut up sweetie, I’m used to seeing this kinda junk. Oh and the name is Heisenberg. Karl Heisenberg before you even ask. Prisoners these days, the first thing they do is ask, who are you, what do you want….. the usual. You’re a trespasser, what am I to do with you now?

while fingering the device with ebony gloved hands, then he plugged it into an hidden source and my iPod turned on, without any attempt. Then music began to play, it was the Lordi song ZombieRawkMachine. Heisenberg listened to the opening metal sound until it broke into the riff.

I told him that’s all it does and begged him not to hurt me. Heisenberg didn’t answer and listened to the song further for a few minutes, a grin appeared on his lips and he started to tap the hammer on the floor lightly with the head down to the beat. Then he approached quickly when the song ended and untied my chains saying I have good taste.

My heart thudded and I blushed at the sudden change of subject and treatment. He sat across from me on another stool, lit a cigar, and asked me to play another song from it. I reluctantly agreed, not sure where this was going and then I put on Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein,

Ummm, all right, well if you liked that one then I think you’ll love this one.

I told him, and he listened to it while tapping his hammer again and smoking his cigar simultaneously. When I saw the look on his face that he liked it, I began to wonder if he was going to start headbanging. He said that one was even better, that I was free to stay the night if I didn’t want to walk back in the cold, and if I wanted to leave in the morning, he’d let me. There was a tone in his voice that sounded flirtatious and I struggled to hide my face but agreed.

Definitely a vivid dream, and that’s where it ends, I know a friend of mine who recently finished the game all of this is from, is going to love this article. I rambled earlier about my last dream related to this universe and my accidental discovery of what happens in the first quarter of the game before even playing it, and I decided to not let it get it to me too much and look for another reason to play so I wouldn’t dismiss it because of what I had learned. I can conclude that yeah, I think Heisenberg is the other thing that has got my attention that made me decide to wishlist it on Steam. A lot of my attention because I’ve been thinking about him a lot for some reason, I don’t know why. Is he really my type when it comes to video game characters? Maybe I’m turned on by the whole manipulation of metal…… but what about looks and personality, the former’s not so bad as I thought and the latter is quite entertaining and he has a great voice.

If this was suspected, I guess it would be time for me to start singing Megara’s song!


6 thoughts on “Listen to the Rock Machine”

  1. That certainly sounds like a surreal dream with everything going on. Funny you mention Lordi because I saw the newest Progress episode which was called Warp into Monster Disco Hell. Some of these dreams could be short stories or novelettes in themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Some of these dreams I have do turn into fanfiction if they are really vivid and I can remember enough of them. This one I don’t know yet because I have not picked up RE Village yet, but it is on my wishlist and Lordi is a band that I have loved for years. Without them, I would not be writing this blog. Some of them also hint towards potential fictional crushes too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can see how that would work. Maybe it could be something you could develop into a full story with some time. It does make a lot of sense with you being a big Lordi fan and how their music would be incorporated into these posts.

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