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My Rock Machine and Mistakes Swamps the Seasons – Music of June 2021

Things are starting to turn around for me and it makes me feel hopeful that I will be able to continue my career path.

I’ve had a good amount of time off to contemplating my next steps and I think it really prepared me for the upcoming new chapter.

The Cardigans – My Favorite Game

Maybe you heard this in the Gran Turismo opening right? It’s a great song to drive to, but please don’t do what she is doing!

Anyway, this song fits because the past two months I’ve been learning how to drive. It’s not as intimidating as I believe it to be and I think this time I will get my complete license. It’s just that the direction my life is headed, driving would make it much easier.

While the song is good, the music video is terrible as reckless as she is, I hope teen drivers-to-be don’t get any ideas. It may also provide an exaggerated version of what awaits me on the road. There will always be idiots out there but I have to focus on myself.

Lordi – ZombieRawkMachine

This song originally started off as the part of my old Lordi fanfiction where Mr. Lordi confronts Evilyn’s machine to rescue me.

It’s a very catchy song and every time I see Lordi interviews that talk about the BFB album, none of them ever mention this song. It’s always the titular song, This is Heavy Metal, Rock Police, and Nonstop Nite that steal the attention but this one is like a hidden gem. I’m not sure if I’ve used it already in these monthly editions but if I already did, well too bad, I’m using it again!

Then, it made me think of Karl Heisenberg when I had a dream that I trespassed into his factory and he took me prisoner. When he fumbled through my things, found my iPod, and it played this song, he enjoyed it and decided to let me have some more freedom.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I have a crush on him. Resident Evil Village caught my eye for having a different approach with creatures and characters.

I became really interested and have decided I am going to play it.

I started viewing footage from the game steering clear of major spoilers (to me, the only big spoilers in my mind is what leads Ethan to the village and the final confrontation which I have not seen. The only things I’ve looked at the most is the scene with the four lords and some iconic scenes with Lady D or Heisenberg) and when I saw Heisenberg my first thoughts were hey he’s got a nice voice and his looks are not too bad either. Before I knew it, I had fallen for him. This is the second time I have started crushing on a fictional character before playing the game he’s from.

Beautiful Mistakes- Maroon 5 feat. Megan Thee Stallion

A pretty pop song that my mom loves to sing and it grew on me not long after.

It’s catchy for sure and this is another song that made me realize I like Heisenberg. He and the other three lords have gained quite the cult following. I love hearing this one on the radio and never get tired of it. I’m not sure how it makes me think of Heisenberg but I’m sure my imagination will come up with something just right for it!

Andrew Hulshult – Blood Swamps

This is my swamp! Sorry, I got a little too off-topic with the last few songs.

This track needs no explanation, it’s the best thing I’ve listened to since BFG Division. It’s a Metalhead/gamer’s dream right here! Mick Gordon is great, but Andrew Hulshult doesn’t get enough love, he really knows how to put in those riffs. Please excuse me while I go download this from SoundCloud!

I have still been playing DOOM Eternal, little by little because The Ancient Gods DLCs are harder than I thought, even on Hurt Me Plenty. But I would like to beat them soon because there’s other games I’m itching to play and most of my backlog is games that need to go on my SSD and I don’t like to have too many things installed there at once. Mass Effect Legendary Edition I’ll admit has distracted me from completing TAG faster because, it’s Mass Effect.

So yeah I’m sticking this in here because I beat the Blood Swamps level this month. Took some time because I kept going back to UAC Atlantica for more lives just to get through each trial. Up next is The Holt and then Part I will be done.

DragonForce – Seasons

This is such a good song, it’s like a song about change to me because I’ve gone through a big change recently that I thought I wasn’t ready for.

But then, I took action to make it better and now things appear to be taking a turn for the better. The seasons pass and sunlight will shine on my life again, so let the past now burn down in flames.

The lyrics imply moving on in life and that’s what I’m doing. To top it off, DragonForce never fails to make powerful songs with hidden messages or ones just about things I love.

That’s it for June, I got too rambly but there were a lot of things I wanted to share that were on my mind and I did a lot of rambling this month, may there be more to come.


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