How Will I Conquer Survival Horror?

Imagine a video game where you are wandering the halls of a castle, the cellar of a creepy house, or spaceship where you have limited ammo to defend yourself from other threats as a strange creature stalks you and you can't kill it. Here are your options: run until it loses sight of you or… Continue reading How Will I Conquer Survival Horror?

Music and Bands

All Davoth Loves is Fame and I – Music of July 2021

I'm settled into my new job now and there's been a lot going on with me adjusting and trying to get enough sleep, all while making time for maintaining this blog, my Wattpad work, and my video games! Here are the songs for this month. Cyndi Lauper - All Through The Night When it… Continue reading All Davoth Loves is Fame and I – Music of July 2021


The Ancient Gods Part II – Armageddon

Hell yeah, I'm on a roll! I just completed the second DLC for DOOM Eternal and I've had an absolute blast with this game over the past few months, even if it did involve a little grinding! This DLC is only a couple of months old and I feel like I had a dream the… Continue reading The Ancient Gods Part II – Armageddon


My Favorite Darksiders Boss Fights Part IV

Last but not least, it's time to talk about the bosses from Darksiders Genesis, this was a lot harder since the game had a different approach to gameplay and I enjoyed fighting the bosses from its predecessors at a camera angle where they took up half of my screen! That being said this game isn't… Continue reading My Favorite Darksiders Boss Fights Part IV


Cat Quest – Dragonblood vs. Drakoth

That's a wrap on another indie game! Honestly, this one was a mixture of things but I wanted to play it because I love cats! Cat Quest is an RPG adventure game where you play as a cat setting out to save your sister from a dark lord named Drakoth. In this world, there are… Continue reading Cat Quest – Dragonblood vs. Drakoth


Female Gamer Mythbusting

It's not easy being a gamer that's for sure, it's sometimes even harder to be a gamer and be female. We've come a long way given that we now make up at least 50% of the global gaming population. But aside from the usual problems we still face like harassment, lack of opportunities/revenue if we… Continue reading Female Gamer Mythbusting


Pretties – Stay Bubbly to Survive

Miss me? I spent the last week settling into my new job and working on some Wattpad projects. I recently finished the second book in the Uglies series and this one was actually shorter but really built up the intensity of the series. The last book ended with Tally volunteering to test out the cure… Continue reading Pretties – Stay Bubbly to Survive


The Ancient Gods Part I – Resurrection

That's a wrap on the first DLC of DOOM Eternal, I must say that it was definitely harder than the main campaign even on Hurt Me Plenty and being a DLC, it's shorter than the base game. After the defeat of the Khan Maykr and the Icon of Sin, the demons have now overtaken Urdak… Continue reading The Ancient Gods Part I – Resurrection


Steam Summer Sale 2021 – What I Bought

It's that time of the year pyjaks and it's extremely easy to fall for! Sometimes I don't want to because my backlog is big enough already but I've actually done a decent job clearing some things off of it the past month. Sure it may not have been like ten games, since working full-time has… Continue reading Steam Summer Sale 2021 – What I Bought