The Ancient Gods Part I – Resurrection

That’s a wrap on the first DLC of DOOM Eternal, I must say that it was definitely harder than the main campaign even on Hurt Me Plenty and being a DLC, it’s shorter than the base game.

After the defeat of the Khan Maykr and the Icon of Sin, the demons have now overtaken Urdak and it serves as an additional stronghold. Doomguy works with ARC scientists to locate the Seraphim to prevent the demons from overtaking Earth again.

I love how there’s that one ARC intern who returns and he seems to be the only one who isn’t afraid to speak to Doomguy. Every other human just runs away from him whenever they can! There were a lot more demons in the three levels of this DLC, like I was already fighting Tyrants and Doom Hunters on the first level. Some tutorials still remain for situations I’ve never encountered before but everything is just the same, beautiful atmosphere, and music.

I remember swimming down to the facility and there was this single great white shark cruising around and I kept worrying it was going to attack me, but it turns out it doesn’t unless you bug it, and whenever I redid this level to get some more lives, it always swam far away from me.

There’s new enemies such as those eye turrets, spirits, and the Blood Maykr. This DLC made me love the Microwave Beam mod for my Plasma Rifle in order to destroy the spirits which look very much like Summoners from the 2016 game! I’ve also learned that Samuel Hayden is in fact, the Seraphim himself, he just had his consciousness transferred in that of the former. I’m not surprised because when I first went to Urdak, there was an AI that was alert to his presence and said welcome Seraphim.

Once again, this is MY swamp! Hahaha! The Blood Swamps was definitely a hard level, the two trials were a pain, especially one that had two Tyrants and three Barons; one of them possessed. The spirits make demons stronger and tougher to kill. But despite the challenge the swamp has, the music is fucking awesome, bless you Andrew Hulshult. There was also a lot of platforming present in this level with one being where you have to get to the top quickly because the mist continues to rise from the bottom.

From there, after passing the final test, Doomguy decides to destroy the Father’s life sphere and take the Dark Lord’s instead. Knowing our Slayer, he has one fixation and that is to stop the demons once and for all, and fuck everything else until Daisy is avenged. I mean he could have taken the Father’s life sphere so they can save Urdak, but Doomguy wants to do everything himself if someone gets in his way, he won’t get revenge.

Ever since the Maykrs were created they have relied on the Father’s essence in the Luminarium to prevent transfiguration and make the next Khan Maykr, until the Seraphim took it for the Divinity Machine, which at first I thought he stole, but the Father actually ordered him to do it.

When the life sphere was destroyed, I saw Samur weaken and I began to wonder if he was going to be transfigured overtime.

Well it looks like I was right about that and Urdak has seen better days. Everything looks a lot more decayed, except for the Holt itself with all the trees, before we enter the Luminarium, all the structures look dark and damaged. I see that statues of the Khan Maykr still remain despite her demise.

So, my suspicions were correct, VEGA is in fact, the Father and returned to this identity the moment I placed him in Urdak’s consoles in the main campaign. He’s unaware the whole time what I’m up to, until I reach the main chamber and have to fight the transfigured Samur. When I saw him, I was reminded of the Khan Maykr’s real face when I defeated her, as well as just before her fight, I had to swim in this pool that had a Maykr corpse the same size as her with the same face. Made me wonder if that was a previous Khan transfigured or a failed one.

He wasn’t so tough, but there were a lot of hazards in the battlefield, just like with the Khan Maykr’s boss fight. During the fight, I was on my own and would just shoot rockets at him while evading the hazards, and a tutorial only came when he summoned possessed demons to protect him. My least favorite part was when I had to kill the Cacodemons and stay off the floor, but I had enough lives to get through it and defeated him in no time at all.

The Father finally realized what I was up to in the end, and Doomguy places the Dark Lord’s sphere in its place; which will give him physical form, learning that if he kills him, all the demons will die as well. So wait, you’re telling me this Dark Lord that I’ve been listening to the voice of in the 2016 game, in physical form is Doomguy’s clone that exists in Hell? As the Father said:

He is you, in their world.

Wow, I did not see that coming. I was expecting him to be some kind of Titan or unique demon that I’ve never seen before. No matter this DLC was fun and I can’t wait to start part II because that is where the real war begins!

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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