Pretties – Stay Bubbly to Survive

Miss me? I spent the last week settling into my new job and working on some Wattpad projects. I recently finished the second book in the Uglies series and this one was actually shorter but really built up the intensity of the series.


The last book ended with Tally volunteering to test out the cure that David’s mother has created, by giving herself up to become pretty, someone will give her the cure later.

Now Tally’s finally pretty and you can see how different she is mentally as well as physically. Pretties only seem to care about having fun parties, sex, joining a clique (Tally and Shay join one called the Crims), with not a care what happens in the world, and the authorities ensure that the pretties stay that way.

At first, I got tired of hearing all this talk about bogus and bubbly, the latter mentioned in almost every page in this book and I believed bubbly to be the term where a pretty suddenly becomes alert and no longer acts spoiled or dumb. Tally was able to feel that around another Crim named Zane who must be a good kisser given one chapter I read in the beginning, like they fell in love really fast. They split the cure and Tally begins to return to her old personality, but Zane suffers worse because of the pill he took.

After another stunt that causes the clique to gain more fame, and Shay begins to recall her ugly past, including Tally’s treachery, Tally and Zane plan to escape and try to remove the cuffs the Special Circumstances put on them. I remember being unable to put the book down when Zane proposed they use a crusher to get them off, until Tally came up with a better plan for that and their escape. When her friend Peris chose to stay behind, that broke my heart a little given how close they were. I thought for sure that he would come and I really hoped that they had escaped the Specials for good. I was reading all of that down by the beach while away on a short trip before starting my new job. Definitely an intense moment in the book

It turns out the Specials do a lot of horrible things in the world, experimenting on some more primitive humans and keep them locked in a dome for those tests, and Tally gets caught in the middle of it on her way to the ruins. She does try to help cure Zane when she gets there, but not before discovering a tracker inside him. I always wondered if what she said to David was to protect him, or the fact that she has chosen Zane over him when the Specials are incoming. (I definitely) will have to talk more about them in the next book). Shay has become one of them which makes me think she was caught by them too, and the book ended on such a cliffhanger that it would be a crime for me to not give it a fair grade. If I could understand the bubbly/bogus term better then I would have awarded it a perfect score. I think Scott has a book that defines that slang though.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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