Cat Quest – Dragonblood vs. Drakoth

That’s a wrap on another indie game! Honestly, this one was a mixture of things but I wanted to play it because I love cats!

Cat Quest is an RPG adventure game where you play as a cat setting out to save your sister from a dark lord named Drakoth.

In this world, there are types of cats called Dragonblood who are the only cats capable of well… killing dragons, in this game we are just that given the mark on the back of out head.

If most RPGs seem intimidating to you, Cat Quest is very straightforward. Open world with a map, caves and dungeons to explore, and side quests via notice boards. Inventory is simple and stats and spells are easy to increase. The combat is also not too hard, you’ll always know when enemies are about to attack so it’s a game anyone can get into.

I swear that Spirry must have Kirby’s eyes and it does all the talking! This game has so many side quests that it was tricky to pick ones I enjoyed.

The Windmew City quests that gave me a very useful ability that I needed to defeat one of the dragons. Then there was the series of quests to help the king under a curse from Drakoth. One of the hardest questlines was the Kitmas one but it was worth a lot of XP when I finished the last one.

Throughout the game I saw a lot of things that were great and typical, like the dialogue was totally cliche coming from cats, but still hilariously cute.

There were even hidden pop culture references and Easter Eggs throughout the game, whether they were in side quests or just found by exploring. Above is my personal favorite being a Lovecraft fan and all. It’s an optional boss fight if you want to get a massive chunk of XP!

The ending really surprised me as I thought for sure that Drakoth really had our sister hostage, but learning the story of his past was an emotional moment, he was also Dragonblood too. It also suggests that our story is not over yet!

There is already a sequel to play and I bet whoever was released at the end of this game, will be a new threat. I look forward to playing it, so if RPGs seem overwhelming to you, but you love cats, then this game is perfect for you.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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