My Favorite Darksiders Boss Fights Part IV

Last but not least, it’s time to talk about the bosses from Darksiders Genesis, this was a lot harder since the game had a different approach to gameplay and I enjoyed fighting the bosses from its predecessors at a camera angle where they took up half of my screen!

That being said this game isn’t terrible and I enjoyed a lot of aspects from it, and there were boss battles that proved to be a challenge.

Slag Demon

Darksiders Genesis - Slag Demon Boss Battle Gameplay - IGN

Not really much of a boss, considering you fight one like this more than once in this game! But, the first one I always remember with its rolling-pin weapon and so many little minions spawning everywhere that left puddles of lava when I killed them!

I used Strife for this fight because of his ranged abilities. One of his secondary weapons is a shock beam that can affect multiple targets. Perfect for crowd control so I can concentrate on the Slag Demon itself while having to dash away whenever it started to roll towards me!


Belial’s back! I can’t get enough of him and in this series, he is put in charge of the reservoir to poison Eden’s waters as per Lucifer’s instructions. Even though I have faced him before, his fight took a different approach this time.

He used several crystal pillars to power himself up and trying to deal damage to him while they are emitting beams that power him up, won’t deplete his health as quickly, plus there will be other hazards in the area. I defeated him by concentrating on the crystals so that I could expose him, even so, I didn’t have as much room to fight either unlike in the second game, but what can I say? Belial is pretty much a classic now.

There’s a challenge to defeat him without targeting the crystals but I can’t be bothered with that.


Chapitre 10 - Le Coeur d'Eden - Soluce Darksiders Genesis, guide, astuces,  tutos -

On my trip to Eden I met the rogue angel Astarte fell to the Corruption (remember that?) and allied with Lucifer, where she began to resurrect the Nephilim in exchange for her soul. She doesn’t look like most angels, in fact she reminds me a lot of a griffin or a centaur and it turns out Abaddon is a total player as she was one of his lovers too!

The fight was exciting because it revealed a lot of lore but it wasn’t super epic because it consisted of me switching between War and Strife trying to defeat her before she ran six laps around the battlefield. When she spawned undead Nephilim, that was when I really wished that this game wasn’t top-down combat because I wanted to see what average Nephilim looked like.

Strife and War weren’t happy with Astarte’s actions since they had no choice to kill their own brethren when they wanted to seize Eden for themselves. That being said, it was so satisfying to see the wounded Astarte mock the Horsemen enough for War to ragingly finish her off.


Definitely the wettest boss battle I have experienced in this franchise! It has a great score too! Dagon is not who I thought he was. The moment he was mentioned, I imagined him to look like a demonic humanoid fish since I read lots of Lovecraft, but instead he was almost like a kraken-type of demon lord which is also cool enough for me to accept him.

Dagon planned to seize Eden for himself and wash it all away to build his own kingdom, literally and this battle was absolute chaos where I would jump over his big waves and targeted the spheres of water and his minions before attacking Dagon himself. I stuck with Strife for this fight as it was easier to deal damage to multiple targets. It was so funny in the cutscene where War calls for help when Strife says he could use a bath.

When defeated the two Horsemen laughed saying they’ve been cleansed, see Strife your brother does have a sense of humor! It’s just very rare.


Our final boss of the game. Moloch is hard to exclude from this article because his voice is done by none other than Keith David. Not to mention the opening cutscene is where Samael fights alongside of the Horsemen to take him down.

Moloch did feel like he was too easy at times because all I really had to do was use War to smash the crystals and not get trapped. He was Samael’s rival so it was great to watch the latter finish him off. When he spoke his last words that Lucifer’s plan had succeeded, that just made me thirsty for more of this franchise which why I really hope it continues.

And that’s a wrap on my favorite boss fights for this game and for this series of articles. Whether you played Darksiders or not, surely you have read my reviews of the games as well that I published last year, I hope I can come up with more things to write about in this franchise soon because of all the things I’ve written about the past year, I always looked forward to writing my Darksiders content the most.


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