The Ancient Gods Part II – Armageddon

Hell yeah, I’m on a roll! I just completed the second DLC for DOOM Eternal and I’ve had an absolute blast with this game over the past few months, even if it did involve a little grinding! This DLC is only a couple of months old and I feel like I had a dream the night I completed it singing and flying to celebrate my victory against Davoth.

Though I do wish I had a dream that I was fighting him again but as my OC instead!

Picking up right at the end of the first part, the Dark Lord, rises again and challenges Doomguy to ritual combat, but only if he can meet him in the city of Immora, which I assume is the capital of Hell. Doomguy then sets off to Argent D’Nur to set off the Torch of Kings to launch a full-scale assault on the city. Like I said, the real war begins now!

Of course, Davoth isn’t just going to let Doomguy just easily get to Immora, he’s throwing everything he’s got at him between him and the Gate of Divum. So that’s means more demons to fight! The thing about this DLC is that it didn’t have a strong start for me, there were so many damn Imps in the World Spear it was like I couldn’t catch a break, and id Software really went all out with new enemies from Stone Imps, Armored Barons, Cursed Prowlers, and Screechers, I think the new Prowlers I hated the most.

That being said, there were still some epic moments that made it great.

And the Night Sentinels will answer. So there’s dragons in Argent D’Nur? Okay then. I love dragons so I’ll accept that in a heartbeat! I also got a Sentinel Hammer gifted by Valen thanking me for putting his son to rest (which of course you should know by now, was actually the Icon of Sin), the hammer is cool and all, but I’m still too attached to my badass Crucible.

There were also so many Imps in the World Spear which made me feel like I had to push my way through each area, and there was some tricky platforming at the end. After my dragon ride, the level got cooler as I walked toward the icy structure so that part was quite enjoyable.

To be honest, I never found the Reclaimed Earth level to be very exciting, it was just a pit stop for me, I guess the devs needed to put a gap in there somewhere between the last level and Immora. The gate was cool though at the end.

Immora is where the DLC really gets good. We get a badass cutscene of the people of Argenta arriving with Doomguy and the epic battle begins. Never have I thought that the demons would have structures and vehicles similar to those in Urdak. I guess most of Hell is just for lower castes of demons to scavenge around and fight each other, while those elite class get to live in Immora. I ripped and tore my way through hordes of demons on my way to the stronghold like

Get outta my way, I’ve got a score to settle! C’mon, who’s next?

I did a lot of grinding for this level and the fight with Davoth, and went into all of it with thirty extra lives, especially when I got to a part with two Marauders and Screechers in the background. That was annoying because I had to be careful to only chainsaw the zombies that weren’t purple, then I killed both Marauders just as Baron spawned.

There was one last big fight with almost every single demon thrown at me before I boarded Davoth’s ship that was hard as hell but I just kept running and blasting to get through it. The battle after that with dozens of Stone Imps was a joke though, id Software is just screwing with me to get me to use a mod for the shotgun that I’m not a fan of. I would much rather stick to my sticky bomb thank you very much.

So it turns out that Davoth, our Dark Lord is more than just Doomguy’s alter ego in Hell, but he is the true Father, not VEGA. Shocker, and that Doomguy is linked to him which doesn’t surprise me at all.

Fighting the Dark Lord was a pain at first full of chaos, but once I knew what I was doing, it wasn’t so hard. The trick is to get him to flash green when he swings his sword, so you can stun him, increase the stun time with the hammer, then rack up as much damage as you can with the chaingun. The most annoying part was in the beginning when I got too close that his sword hit me and restored his health. I hate it when enemies release wolves, (well not as much as ones who can heal themselves) but at least these ones drop what I need to use the hammer! It was also annoying when he also summoned other demons but more like ghost-versions of them that die quicker. The battle also had a cool changing backdrop, just like with the Khan Maykr. Despite the challenge, it was a hell of a fun fight.

In the end I finally saw Doomguy reveal his face; well I’ve technically already seen it, and kill the Dark Lord once and for all, putting an end to the demons, maybe now he can finally relax as he has avenged his fallen friend, but that’s not the case, he’s just too angry and aggressive to go live a normal life! Also what happened to Samur, he’s not dead so that’s the only thing I’m left wondering about.

Although the fight was cool once I knew what to do, still, nothing beats a giant Titan like the Icon of Sin!

This DLC wasn’t perfect given it didn’t have the greatest start but it slowly got better as I progressed and I finished it sooner than I thought.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Anyway, that’s all the content complete for DOOM Eternal, damn what am I going to do with myself now?! Just kidding, I know what I’m going to play next, just wait and see, but I will definitely come back to this game and the 2016 someday.


4 thoughts on “The Ancient Gods Part II – Armageddon”

  1. Good read. Enjoyed that. Do you think Doom loses something of itself with these more “open” worlds, compared to the claustrophobic nature of the original and Doom III?

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    1. I have not played Doom III yet so I cannot say. I do enjoy the fast-paced epic battles that this game and its predecessor offer so there’s nothing lost, but something gained and that’s the adrenaline of nonstop action rather than having to stick to corners all the time and shoot when its safe like most FPs’s.

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  2. Good write up. I agree some of the new enemy variants were annoying at first. I think if the DLC was a level or two longer, so we got used to fighting them before it ended, they wouldn’t have felt this way. Alas, if I recall correctly, Covid stuff meant id had a hard time producing part 2? Could be wrong, but if so you can’t exactly blame them for that. Either way I also enjoyed the DLC overall.

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    1. Thanks. Yeah they do get annoying but it was one level longer because after Immora, there’s the final level where we fight Davoth. I’m not sure if that’s true, however I heard the DLC was already available one year early but only for Year One pass holders and then they didn’t announce it until this year that it would be out. It was still fun yes, but it’s not until Immora does it get really good.

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