Tornadoes of Ice

One of the biggest challenges of working in my profession is shift work. One week I could be doing days and then the next week I could be doing evenings.

Then I found out this fall that it’ll be going back to 24 hours which means I will have to do night shifts. I have never done a night shift before and those who know me well, know that I am more of an early bird than a night owl. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I can’t do the work associated with a night shift, but like anybody else, I am concerned about surviving it and keeping my well-being at bay and that includes my mental health alongside of how much sleep I get.

Then there’s the part of adjusting and readjusting back to days once I get time off, all while still doing everything to squeeze in a little gaming session.

I will always make it my top priority to have time for myself, be it gaming, or writing on this blog! The other night I had a very vivid dream that was a combination of things.

First it was a series of tornadoes wreaking havoc on this city and sometimes when a lot is going on in my life, that’s when I am most prone to having dreams like that, then with several friends and family members, I uncovered some kind of ship that looked like your typical bridge on any Star Trek vessel. We were able to get it functional again and escape.

Later in the dream I was flying across the devastation the tornadoes had caused and now everything was frozen. I began to sing something with a beautiful melody and I wish I could remember it so I could put words onto a draft.

I’m also playing Resident Evil 7 and it’s disturbingly good. I’ve been scared a few times but I’m brave enough to keep playing!

That’s my quick update, stay strong and clear.


1 thought on “Tornadoes of Ice”

  1. Sorry to hear about you working night shifts. There have been times where I worked some ungodly hours with one of my jobs. I’ve been doing my own readjusting with my creative works and severe bouts of self-loathing as you may have seen on my main blog. There have been some good things like the current project I’m doing on my film review blog, but I’m still recovering.

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