Gen IV Remakes and Legends Arceus Updates – Dreams Do Come True

Ladies, lycans (hehe) and gentlemen, we asked and we shall receive! The hype train for the Gen IV remakes and Legends Arceus has just increased in speed!

This week Pokemon Presents revealed new trailers on both games and now you can preorder them!

I am a big Gen IV fan as you know so I am super stoked for this! Here are the videos revealed:

Well well, now these remasters are full of nostalgia and to hell with anyone who is still bitching online about the chibi design. I like the chibi look, it reminds me so much of how addicted I was to my original copy of the game!

I personally think that these remasters were purposely made for those who are big-time Gen IV fans, not all Pokemon fans in general. The devs definitely wanted to find a way to appeal to that group and they definitely did!

I am remaining optimistic about this because I fucking love Gen IV even if it lacks fire-type Pokemon. So, anyway, not only do the graphics look really cute and nostalgic but a lot of features I’ve hoped for are definitely back! The Underground is back and so are Super Contests, and some new features too like options to change your Trainer’s outfits which I’ve always liked having the option of. Sure you can’t change things like hair and eye color but clothes that’s just still acceptable in my books.

Oh and we can walk with our Pokemon at the front of our party? YAY! That was like the only thing I remember I enjoyed about my SoulSilver copy, hopefully size does not matter! Of course they can’t reveal everything but I’m looking forward to being able to walk with my Palkia and any other badass Pokemon I’ve got on my team like maybe a Steelix. Maybe that means the Amity Square isn’t returning? Good riddance if I’m right! I mean, I was still hoping we would get something similar to Amie or Refresh but if my Pokemon can walk with me again, then hey that’s close enough!

There are some other things I am hoping return in this game that have not been confirmed yet so I will have to wait and see, but I’m glad most of them are.

I didn’t really talk much about this game earlier since I was more hyped for the remasters.

But I am definitely going to give this game a chance now. I’m not sure which starter I’ll pick, but I love how the game is open world for a change and with more footage revealed in this trailer, it just makes me even more eager to play

So we can even use some new Pokemon to help us travel around the Hisui region which is Sinnoh in a time before humans and Pokemon began to co-exist together. It makes me wonder how Arceus will play a role in this and the game’s plot because this is more of a gameplay trailer than a story one.

Sure there’s some footage that reveals something going on, some Pokemon becoming hostile and attacking the player, but we’ll have to wait and see for more.

Either way, I will give it a chance and hope it brings a new and exciting experience.

Both games are available to preorder on the Nintendo eshop so I placed those in a heartbeat.

Will you be getting any of these games on your Switch?


4 thoughts on “Gen IV Remakes and Legends Arceus Updates – Dreams Do Come True”

  1. The remasters look so good. The contests look like they’ve been improved, as well as the underground (which I never really used in the original). Arceus looks better than what they showed off originally, as that looked really rough at first. Overall, can’t wait.

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    1. It also appears that there are some new features in the underground as well. I only used it to dig for stuff and hoped to find something rare. There’s a lot more to Legends Arceus now and I can’t wait to see what role Arceus has in it.

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  2. Cant wait for both! More for Legends. The gameplay trailer is confusing though…so it is action style when travelling and fighting as the trainer in the wild but turns to traditional pokemon style when you summon your poke to fight?

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    1. I’m sure we’ll get more footage soon. It’s pretty hard to follow and this is Game Freak’s first time creating something new like this. I’ll remain optimistic.


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