Specials – Rise of a New System

Onto the third book of the Uglies series.

This one felt like it didn’t have as many exciting moments in it like its predecessor, even though there were a lot of action scenes. At this point it has definitely become like The Hunger Games.


Tally is now part of Special Circumstances, the elite force who keep the world in control where uglies and pretties stay in their place and don’t stir any trouble.

All of Tally’s friends are also part of the faction stirring up trouble until they learn that the rebellion of the New Smoke led by David and his mother is growing massively.

But Tally is more interested in getting the brain-damaged Zane to become one of them so she and Shay take to very extreme measures to make that happen.

I don’t know how I feel about Tally as a Special, when I picture her as one I see someone who looks like Enobaria with a superior attitude and sometimes uncontrollable rage, such as when she is imprisoned in the new city where they plan to change her once again.

Also being a Special is about being icy now instead of being bubbly, once again their term of being focused and committed to what they are programmed to do, another term I’ll have to read in Scott’s guide to understand it all.

I was just waiting for Tally to be cured, but then again I know better because the last time she was changed, she cured herself, rewired her brain on her own basically she she does it again. Shay even says they needed her to remain special so she could be an inside source when war breaks out.

I think I can finally say that Dr. Cable was the villain here, designed to separate everyone by appearance into these castes, where there would be no wars after what the Rusties did. So it definitely surprised me what Tally did in the end to her. So can I say she once again cured herself from the superior enraging personality of a Special? I guess so, and maybe she does belong in the wild, being there always seems to get her to think clearly again.

Tally managed to cure herself of the personality of a pretty by mentally rewiring herself in a way, and then she did it again and never needed any injection to do it for her like the ones that spread all over from Diego to the other cities. I never liked Zane so I wonder if she still has feelings for David, only time will tell if her story continues into the next book.


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