Night Desert Trip

I have to wake up at 5am whenever I do day shifts, that means going to bed just after 9 and I have some vivid dreams when I do. Sometimes, even dreams where I go to sleep and enter another, like Inception.

I didn’t sleep as much as I thought last night, stayed up a little past 9 working on a game review that I’m now halfway done. I must have been on some type of bus with beds, like the Knight Bus from Harry Potter and I was trying desperately to get some sleep, unaware of the mirror across from my bed.

There was even a time where I did fall asleep as it cruised down the gravel road surrounded by trees and I was on the bottom level of a bunk bed.

I must have had a dream inside that dream where I was in the middle of a desert, there was noting around me but sand dunes but I could see on the horizon two things sticking up like tiny triangles.

There was a hunter nearby who was trying to shoot a camel and I was somehow sending signals to the latter to move quickly to avoid the gun. When the camel was out of sight, the hunter shot two bullets in the air in frustration. He reminded me so much of Clayton from Tarzan, maybe I should watch that movie again sometime.

I was still curious about those two triangles so I started towards to fly them, but not until I was up high enough so that I could see the ocean and singing my favorite Sabaton song yet again (it’s been a while since I sang Carolus Rex while flying in my dreams, unless I am not keeping track)

Every time I hit the chorus, I soar upward singing louder than ever and it feels great! It’s happened so many times that I can no longer describe it in immense detail. Then when I saw those triangles I realized that they were the pyramids in Egypt and the sphinx was right next to them.

After singing and flying around the pyramids several times, I woke up in the previous dream asleep on that bus and eager to fall asleep again, then when I did I woke up in my own bed back in reality just an hour before my alarm was set to go off.

I always hate waking up before my alarm goes off because it makes me feel obliged to wake up before that when I would rather just sleep until it activates, but no matter, it’s the weekend now so I won’t be needing it.


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