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Dragula is a Hero, Tell the Skeleton to Believe – Music of August 2021

August is always such a long month because for some people it’s the last golden moment of summer before fall arrives in the middle of September. Most of my friends are probably rejoicing right now while I on the other hand, a rare species of humans that loves summer, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn too but still.

Some of these songs were decided even before this month arrived but since I had already picked something so I had to save them for this month instead.

Rob Zombie – Dragula

Why don’t I listen Rob Zombie enough? He’s totally badass, and I bet you some of Lordi’s image was inspired by him, even though they say it’s mainly KISS and Alice Cooper.

Anyone who knows me well might ask me why don’t you have a crush on him, since you like Mr. Lordi? Shhh…. don’t even think about it. He does look like my type but still, let me just get to know him first and his music!

Anyway, this song was suggested to me by a friend, so I listened to it and it’s really catchy like I definitely should listen to him more, and the music video is like a Mad Max horror film crossover, while the rest is just anything else I’d expect in something horror-themed. Give me some more!

Faouzia – Hero

This song is an example of a pop song that just hits me in the face like love at first listen! I didn’t know this artist before this song played on the radio. It makes me want to sing and dance and let’s see what I can imagine when I listen to it. I was on my way to get my hair done when it started playing for the first time and I turned it up instantly, there’s always certain melodies that just get me.

The music video is a girl geek’s dream that gives a shout-out to those classic arcade fighting games. I love how she has different outfits for each of her characters in the rounds. She’s beautiful too, no nudity required, can we please have more music videos like this where it’s just about beauty, talent, the theme and no sex? (yeah it’s what sells but still, I miss the days when music videos didn’t focus so heavily on that!)

Jordan Reyne – Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Since I beat RE7 this month, I definitely have to add this song to this month! It plays in the game’s trailer and credits. It gets even more epic as you keep listening to it. This song originates from an English folk song from the 19th century which is about grief associated with loss. It was written for a child about the death of their Aunt Rhody’s geese. It’s a bit repetitive but nevertheless catchy.

It was then rewritten and modified for this game, but the artist who sang it could not confirm her involvement until 2017 due to licensing agreements. Listening to it now makes me think back to before I played the game and during my first run of it. I doubt I will become a die-hard Resident Evil fan, but this will be to honor my first dive into the franchise that turned out to be an enjoyable and terrifying one. If I can handle the Bakers, then I can definitely face what awaits me in the village!

Epica – The Skeleton Key

When Epica’s new album released, I didn’t realize this song existed. The music video was unveiled but I was sidetracked with other stuff. I listen to it now and it’s exactly what I expect from a band like Epica. It sounds dark and beautiful with a hint of power to it.

I love how Simone has butterflies in her hair, but I wonder how much those headdresses weigh! That girl must be having a nightmare, I like to see music videos where there is just a story occurring rather than just the band playing in the background, (it could have them those on vocals too but still). Now I have to listen to the rest of the album and hope that there’s more songs I enjoy besides this one and the other two I’ve already come to love.

Lordi – Believe Me

Last but not least, I give you the beginning of Lordi’s Dynasty era! Yes I had to do that, if KISS did it, then so can Lordi! I love the animation in the music video (and how it just focuses on the music and the horror for a change and nothing too intimate that would make me: eat my heart out, refuse to watch to avoid doing that, or be turned off by something too explicit even if I recognize that Lordi has always had that in their lyrics) and the song is better than I thought, especially since I wasn’t a massive fan of the band’s last album (or maybe I just need to give it another chance).

Lordi’s not afraid to experiment with their sound so it’s not surprising they put out a disco-like song. Mr. Lordi says there’s going to be more coming out in a box set less than two years, I think, but I’m just wondering how is that possible. Then again they’re a band I love that aren’t bathing in money so this could help them get bigger. Nevertheless I will check out the new material they put out.

I also have to do that with Sabaton as well since they’ve been releasing singles like wildfire and just announced a new album!

Alright, so I’m going to take a short break from blogging for the rest of the week, and maybe a little into next week; which means yeah there won’t be any new posts, but I also won’t be sitting at my computer working on them because I would like to shift gears to some of my Wattpad projects for a little bit. But don’t worry, I will be back in time to write about the RE7 DLCs when I complete them!

See you soon sentient beings.


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    1. I’ve heard of him before but never really paid much attention to what he’s put out, and I really should since I like similar bands and artists! I listened to another one of his songs today called Demon Speeding which was also good.

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