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Black as Steel Down in Style Speeding – Music of September of 2021

I didn’t do a lot of blogging this month because I decided to take a two week break to catch up on some Wattpad fanfiction work. The result of that was I finished a story that was an extended version of a dream that I had, got another chapter published of one story that seems to be growing, and was able to continue another story that I thought I had given up on.

I try to spend time on Wattpad at least once a week to work on my projects there and when I realized some things were really behind, that’s why I needed to temporarily shift my priorities. Things are starting to look up for me again as I got something at work that you could say is like a promotion in a way.

Next month, I’ll be going from 8 hour shifts to 12s. Now that may sound daunting and exhausting but one of the biggest benefits of doing 12-hour shifts is that I actually get more time off, which is great. Do you know how hard it is to get everything done on the weekend? There’s your regular chores like laundry, groceries, etc. but what about other things like cleaning and appointments. Having some weekdays off will actually give me more time to tackle those things as well as hobbies so I’m looking forward to it.

I’m not looking forward to the night shifts I have to do next week which start at 11 but once I move to 12 hours it won’t seem so late!

So, enough chit-chat here are this month’s songs.

Gino Vannelli – Black Cars

Wow a classic right here, I hadn’t heard this one in the longest time, then one day at work it was playing on the radio. The only thing that I remembered about it was the melody between verses which is pretty authentic.

Let me tell you, if and when I get my own car, I don’t want it to be black! There are too many cars on the road that are black and silver, I want it to be like a metallic red or something, or even purple! Anyway, catchy song, glad I found it again.

Sabaton (feat. Tina Guo) – Steel Commanders

Yay! A new Sabaton single! They have announced a new album so they’re just putting out singles in the meantime until the former is ready.

The song is super catchy and the music video is badass, when I saw that woman playing the cello, I was like wait a second did the band get a new member and not tell anyone? I looked her up and her name is Tina Guo, a Chinese American cellist who played with the band in Wacken 2019 on the songs Swedish Pagans and To Hell And Back. In this music video she does look like she’s an official member with the same outfit!

So hey that’s cool, even instruments like the cello can go in genres like metal! There’s not much history aspect to the song, just tank battles as the band has been collaborating with World of Tanks, an MMO game and I guess this is an ode to it.

I do wish however, that it was linked to something historical because everyone knows I’m not into MMOs and must be the only one among my blogger friends who doesn’t play them. Oh well, I love the song, that’s what matters.

ABBA – Don’t Shut Me Down

Say that again, ABBA is releasing new music? It’s been… how long again? It’s a miracle! It thought they all retired or something, but it’s pretty hard to do that when you’re so famous you might still want to do your thing for the fans and continue to make money!

This is one of their new songs on the upcoming album. It’s not AMAZING, but it still sounds like ABBA to me so I’m looking forward to it.

Blu Cantrell – Hit ‘Em Up Style

Another classic I haven’t heard in a long time from my childhood. It’s amazing what’s on some people’s playlists or what some radio stations play; like some of them do flashbacks, and this one of them!

This is a good dance tune, and for years I couldn’t pinpoint what it was called, but I know what it was. I found out the name of it just by researching the lyrics! Is it just me or does she look like Beyonce? Well her voice is much more unique than the latter, no offense!

Rob Zombie – Demon Speeding

A lot of my friends and followers gave me praise for adding some Rob Zombie to these posts and I quite enjoy his music now too so here’s another one! Recommended to me, another song worthy of driving to. What is this guy doing to me? I think I’m on the brink of descending into a rabbit hole but there’s another part of me that doesn’t and I don’t know why! But my gut tells me I’m enjoying his music so far, so I might fall in regardless!

Anyway, another great song, perfect for headbanging too! He’s got some catchy stuff for sure and I was torn between this one and Living Dead Girl, so maybe I’ll save that one for later. Next thing you know my friends are gonna be throwing more Rob Zombie songs at me, some of them might even suspect things because I know how they are, every time I get into certain musicians they think I might get a crush on em! That doesn’t always mean I will, but eh, welcome to my life.

That’s it for this month, I still have a couple of other posts I have to do, some have been on hold since April! In other news I was finally able to book a driving lesson for yesterday and it went well, even though I’ve been practicing with my dad for weekly for a while now.

I’m always torn as to whether I want to get a car or my own place first. I mean, regardless of which one comes first, doesn’t mean the other can’t be obtained later! I could get my own place first, and have my driver’s license handy just in case. That’s another option to consider. One thing is certain is that I feel a lot more comfortable behind the wheel compared to years ago.

Just some things that I’ve been thinking about lately, but there isn’t any rush for me to make these choices right now.

I’m also playing Village and having a ton of fun with it so rest-assured I will have some great things to say when it’s time to review it! Until then.


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