Stop Telling Me What to Do

I don’t claim to know everything. I hope everyone who reads what I write understands that. I hope people who read what I write understand that I’m just trying to help by putting what I do know and more tenuously but less definitively what I think into words. I hope everyone else out there understands […]

Stop Telling Me What to Do

I cannot stress this enough and normally I don’t reblog things but there are times where I make exceptions.

The biggest pet peeve I have as a writer is when people tell me how to write and what to write about. I’m sorry if my writing style doesn’t match yours, or my frequency of posts isn’t consistent to meet your needs. Friendly reminder that this is MY blog and how I choose to handle what I post and how I handle comments is entirely my choice.


2 thoughts on “Stop Telling Me What to Do”

  1. Well said. Running a blog is a full time hobby for most of us, and real life gets in the way and of course, our world view isn’t going to match everyone else’s! Keep up the good work here!

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