Secretly Altantean

Another way of flying in dreams is when you’re underwater and can float from the surface to the bottom of the deepest abyssal trench.

Ever since I saw Aquaman, I’ve longed to write a fanfiction in the future where my character becomes his queen, like she is a princess from another underwater city.

In last night’s dream I was her, I looked just like Mera but with a different outfit that was silver with pink streaks, so I guess I just have her hair! I was very independent and excelled in combat with melee weapons and shunned the idea of being married off to another king. But the king and queen of this smaller kingdom I lived in insisted I go to meet Arthur as a potential suitor, and if I didn’t like him, then they would let me choose whoever I like, and on my own time.

I protested that I needed no escort but they sent me one anyway and order to reach the capital of Atlantis we had to cross the massive seaweed forests. I took my favorite sword ignoring the guard’s protests and we were confident we could just swim there since it wasn’t far. The forest was eerie with the reeds swaying side to side in the water. It was far too quiet and the guards became paranoid at every bubbly sound, until one of them who scouted ahead screamed and was devoured by an unknown source.

I readied my sword but the creature never showed itself. One by one the monster picked off the guards who were led astray until only I was left. I continued forward to Atlantis alone and then from my side there was a roar and a massive mutated fish monster charged like an arrow towards me. I skidded away and held my sword in front of me.

I see this and think about where I’m at in Village right now. I just entered Salvatore Moreau’s fishing harbor and there was a monster in the water. The Duke warned that Moreau himself is not the only thing that lurks there, then I found the latter starting to mutate and then he just dropped himself into the water. I didn’t even see the monster when it attacked Chris and his team earlier so now it guess it’s time for it to pursue me!

I think it was the same fish in that dream! Before I could strike, it was too fast and its jaws caught my weapon. Never swam so fast in my life after that through the darkness of the encompassing weeds.

That was until I saw a light in the distance and hoped that was the city. I reached the edge of forest and there was Atlantis, shimmering like a city on land with all its night lights. I swam towards it, believing to have lost the monster. My eyes were on the palace towering over every structure and my heart raced for some reason like I knew once I went in there, my life would change forever….

This could be a good fanfiction project to consider. I don’t care if I’m 35 and still writing that stuff!


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