Why Hide Your Geeky Side?

We all have something geeky that we like, whether you’re a full-on geek like me or a casual one.

A friend told me one day that they felt too embarrassed to express their geeky side in public such as wearing a T-shirt of your favorite movie series. I asked them what’s stopping them, the answer to that should be nothing.

Society has those pathetic norms in place that the time we reach adulthood, we’re supposed to have more “adult” interests and geeky stuff doesn’t fall under that category. What kind of bullshit is that? Define these “adult” interests for me please.

When I was a teenager, my parents didn’t seem to understand why I was starting to spend all my time and energy on graphic nerdy apparel and merchandise. Maybe they were hoping that by the time I turned seventeen I would turning towards more “mature” interests. Again, I don’t know what that means because I look at adults with “adult” interests and all I see is no hobbies or interests that are visible, other than sports and family. At least in my mind that is, I will always see the world differently.

Yes family is important but it’s also great to have something you enjoy for yourself. My dad likes some sci-fi films so why not express that a little? I know adults twice my age who go outside in Star Wars shirts and there is nothing wrong with that.

One thing that I love to do is when I can’t wear a shirt of something I like to work, I’ll instead put on earrings or a necklace like my Xenomorph earrings, or Darksiders pendant. I even have a replica of a Talos amulet from Elder Scrolls! In fact, I enjoy wearing my geeky jewelry a little more than my shirts because they are a lot more subtle: easier to go with everyday wear or to work.

No matter what current situation your life is in, why would you feel ashamed to hide your interest in your favorite movie series because you’re an adult?

There is no rule that says you can’t express this aspect of yourself when you reach adulthood. If people judge you, it’s their problem, not yours, ignore them and keep walking as I always say.

Who knows? You might even meet others who do like your Star Wars shirt! I always get compliments for my Xenomorph earrings at work!


2 thoughts on “Why Hide Your Geeky Side?”

  1. Yes to all of this! I went through a period of my life roughly around my early 20’s where I was so ashamed of being a geek. I was afraid of being judged by what I wore or what I liked to talk about. Now that I have gone through that, I’m no longer afraid of judgment. I hope your friend is able to express their interests without fear or shame someday!

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    1. Excellent. They’re not the only person I’ve met who has gone through that phase. But what we love to do doesn’t hurt anyone and doesn’t affect job performance so there doesn’t seem to be a need to keep it concealed.

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