Trickster Park

Ever had a dream where it takes multiple sleeps to put the pieces of it together? This is a very sporadic event for me in my sleep; the times where it becomes lucid and decides to pick up where I left off.

I was on a lake, like the one I spent a week at before I started my current job, except there was something different about it with a broad river leading to a city.

The first part of the dream, occurred two weeks ago when I was on night shift and I was admiring the horizon to see what looked like a theme part.

What upsets me is that whenever I see theme parks in my dreams, I never make it onto the rides themselves, and I haven’t been back to the closest one to me in two years. I would rather wait until there are no more restrictions!

The second part of this dream last night had me drifting closer to the scene where I saw these strange rides that I couldn’t identify, but they looked straight outta a Dr. Seuss book.

Everyone wanted to get closer and try them, but there were so many rules, one of them being you can’t go in if you have magic powers of any kind. Since I am Dragon Master in most of my dreams, I guess I’m out of luck then.

Everyone was on boats or inflatable floats watching the fun hoping to get closer without breaking the rules, but many were reluctant to approach. I was on some kind of catamaran with several other people until a tremor came like a shockwave. Panic ensued, music and chatter ceased as everyone turned their eyes towards the park.

An announcement rang out warning visitors to turn around and that something underneath would sink their floats if they did not comply. Another tremor followed and everyone started to panic like there was something underneath the water.

On my boat, I warned everyone to hold onto something in case we capsized. We waited and waited but nothing happened. No massive sea monster like I thought. Were they toying with us?

I told everyone to stay put while I went to investigate and started by going to the rear and dove into the water. There was nothing underneath us as I expected and I darted underwater to the concrete shores.

When I climbed out there was a hidden passage but no sign of the mysterious rides, was it all another trick? I guess that explains the title of this post.

I woke up at eight this morning and I’m so glad I have tomorrow off for a nice bubble bath and to finalize a certain review.


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