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Parasite Here at the Hunter’s Living Model – Music of October 2021

Happy Halloween everyone! I have been working on the weekend of Halloween so I had to make do with it. What can I say, a job like mine there is no time where things can’t be running! I just got home from my 12-hour shift, and I’m pretty pooped.

I was hoping would be full of spooky stuff, but I started to run out of ideas so I grabbed some things that I had listened to a little throughout the month.

I’ve also really got into the horror mode this month when I started and finished playing Village and it’s totally replayable, and there’s another horror game I want to play next. I won’t say what it is, but it’s been my library for quite some time now.

Alright, so here are this month’s songs, some are perfect for Halloween, others, maybe not so much!

KISS – Parasite

This short little gem was written by Ace and sang by Gene, it wasn’t until the Love Gun album did the former start to sing.

It’s my favourite song on this album and it may not be long, but it’s catchy. I like to sing it with my friends, like I will say parasite lady and expect them to say parasite eyes back at me if they are KISS fans they will know it!

Orden Ogan – Here At The End Of The World

One of those songs that you have to listen to the album to discover. The first time I listened to the Ravenhead album I was lying in the dark with a bad headache and then this song played.

I thought it was fast and catchy, it made me picture a Reaper invasion! My copy of Final Days also came with the band’s last show where this song was on the setlist. During the solos, Seeb would turn around and face Dirk smiling for some reason but I thought it was hilarious. I guess that counts as another virtual concert!

Ghost – Hunter’s Moon

A new Ghost single! It’s time for me to get back into them, as I went under a rock during the Prequelle era because I wasn’t fond of the new image. But hey the music is what’s important right?

Definitely a catchy song and sing-along material whenever my next ritual is. The music video is quite eerie and mysterious, especially towards the end. Probably the first Ghost music video to tell a story rather than just have TF and ghouls playing around.

Lordi – Slashion Model Girls

Took a few listens for this one to grow on me but now I love it. It’s one of my top favourites on this album.

It has a great chorus and just stays in your head for hours. I also love the backing vocals, it gives it more structure. What would these girls look after that “surgery”, do we really want to know? Probably not!

Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl

Three months in a row! What are you doing to me Rob Zombie? Okay, I guess I do like him! This song is totally relatable for me right now because I did my first week of night shifts earlier this month and I was barely awake towards the end, a living dead girl!

Now I also do twelve hour shifts so that’s pretty draining too.

As for the song, it’s really catchy, might be my first favourite right now and it’s been stuck in my head for weeks. I also love how the girl in the music video isn’t half or completely naked, but she’s wearing a tattered white dress instead. I miss music videos where women could be beautiful without baring too much skin, even if they returned from the dead.

I should be that living dead girl for Halloween in the future.

I bought one his albums on payday and it was really good that I may review it.

I definitely got into the spirit my own way this year due to working on Halloween: played and beat Village and discovered new music with horror themes! I also wore my devil horns with my Xenomorph earrings to work and got lots of compliments.

That’s it for now, I guess I won’t be giving out candy cause I’m too tired but I spent some time celebrating on my AC island! Goodnight!


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