I Don’t Do Bandwagon Most Of The Time

The term bandwagon, we’ve all heard it before, it’s when something becomes so popular that everyone is into it and it usually doesn’t last long.

Many times when this happens, I just roll my eyes and ignore it, or I may secretly be irked by it, depending on what it is. Like Grogu, everyone loves him like he’s the most adorable thing on the planet while I think that my Tabby Slime plush hanging over my monitor is ten times cuter.

Often something that becomes mainstream will come and go like a flash of lightning and then people will move on to the next thing, or it’ll stick around but people won’t be so critical or obsessed with it.

But there are rare events where I actually do jump onto the bandwagon if the subject is interesting enough for me. Maybe some things as simple as liking Ariana Grande’s music or playing Resident Evil Village when Lady Dimitrescu took over the Internet.

It all depends on what it’s about. Even though I decided to play Village for many reasons other than her, it was still something that thrust the RE franchise into the mainstream.

Those are some exceptions, but most mainstream stuff isn’t my cup of tea. I do like a lot of other popular things, but most of them are still niche like under the video game category or something else.

There are some things that go bandwagon that I hate though, such as when Mass Effect Andromeda wasn’t successful, it had so many haters that it was considered mainstream within the fanbase to bash it. I was frustrated as someone who enjoyed the game and its fresh take of Mass Effect in a different light. Then there are other things like films people love to shit on that I enjoyed, and even today it still occurs.

I also don’t like it when people start nagging me why I don’t do something that is bandwagon like go to a bar/club, drink coffee or wine. I like to have a drink now and then but not wine or beer. I can’t do the taste of it. It’s got this strong burning sensation that just robs the taste from me. As a Metalhead, drinking beer is seen as a cultural thing, but it’s not for me, had a sip of it once and hated it.

The same goes for coffee, sure it smells nice but my God the taste of it is so bitter and even putting milk and sugar in it didn’t get solve the problem. I don’t like bitter things and I don’t care if it gives you that wonderful boost to wake you up, I will not drink it so I shall stick with a nice cup of tea instead.

I was sick to death of that Soulja Boy song from 2007 that it made me want to rip my skin off because EVERYONE WAS LISTENING TO IT in the halls during my freshman year of high school. A sign that I would soon follow the path of heavy metal!

I’m just a lady with ASD who sees the world differently and doesn’t jump the bandwagon unless it’s something I find interesting. I’m not asking for the mainstream to stop doing what it’s doing, but maybe people need to recognize that just because something is insanely popular, doesn’t mean that literally, everyone enjoys it.

Not everyone drinks coffee. Not everyone likes to watch Super Bowl or join the get-togethers with it. Hell, not everyone likes to have sex cause maybe they want to save it for the right person or just believe it’s not a crucial thing in life to experience! All I want is some acknowledgement from the world that those who don’t follow the bandwagon, exist, no matter what it is they choose not to do.

Still, it’s rare when something that becomes bandwagon is something I’m already interested in. But, most of the time it doesn’t, so take your coffee with Gangnam Style, Crank That, or Kiss Me More and leave me to my Dragula with tea, thank you.


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