Plague Inc. Evolved – Ruling the Earth

Be honest, this is the last game you’d expect me to play, but I wanted to check it out long before COVID-19 started ravaging the Earth!

Simply put, Plague Inc. Evolved is a strategy game that originally started off as a board game. In the game, the objective is to infect the world with your plague and wipe out humanity.

The standard mode comes with different types of plagues: bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite, necroa virus, bioweapon, nanobot, prion, neurax worm, simian flu, and shadow plague.

Each type of plague has different traits, some mutate easily and others are harder to catch. One of the strategies I frequently used was to evolve transmissions and abilities first and then wait until everyone was infected before concentrating on symptoms. By then, if I acted quickly enough, too many people would already be dead for a cure to be successfully deployed!

In the beginning, I struggled because even with abilities that would slow research, a cure would still be created, but that’s the best way to learn right.

The fun part was the names I came up with for my plagues depending on what type, like for bacteria I went with Rustlung from Gears of War, which is what turns people into Lambent. Fungus: Cursed Mushroom. Prion: Mad Max. But my favourite was the neurax worm which I called Harbinger and then evolved symptoms to make people worship it as an eternal god. Some of the achievements in this game are an ode to other iconic games, like when I made humanity worship the worm, the achievement was called “Assuming Control”!

Whenever I got stuck with a certain plague, I would look up a guide to beat it on normal as well as attempt it on casual to get more genes to add to it. Some of these include increasing transmission on land or DNA/Biohazard bubbles popping for me. That’s the other thing, you have to build DNA points to continue evolving your disease.

The game also has different scenarios that take the same approach as the classic mode of spreading a disease like making a board game go viral or making everyone believe in something that is false. Some of these were fun and some were a little odd and I have not completed them all yet.

The devs recently released a cure mode for the game and have declared that it will be free for all players until COVID-19 is under control. It works basically in the opposite where you have to save the world from a plague by taking control of how the world responds to protect against it while developing a vaccine. There is also an option to implement quarantine measures and I would always spend funds on relief resources to decrease noncompliance. Just like with the classic mode, I would use this mode to pretend to cure covid and other things I hate like cancer, cancel culture, sexism, etc.! It’s fun but not as enjoyable as the original game’s mode.

Overall it’s a fun time-killer and the soundtrack is nice too, sometimes I have to react quickly like when I was playing the shadow plague, but if you’re looking to vent out your frustrations on humanity, I definitely recommend.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


15 thoughts on “Plague Inc. Evolved – Ruling the Earth”

    1. That one took a while. I named my vampire after Lady Dimitrescu and had to go blood rage in some places and relocate until I had all of the most powerful abilities and no templars would stand in my way.


    1. The necroa virus was fun too, I named mine an army that Alma Wade creates. 😆 currently taking a break from the game but I will definitely come back to it!


    1. Oh don’t get me started, Greenland was a pain! Whenever I did neurax worm, as soon as I got the trojan flight ability I would send it there first. Then for my Shadow Plague I made my vampire kill everyone there first. Always trying to screw around with me!

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  1. The cure mode is super fun and the strategy and skills involved in it are interesting and interactive. The traditional mode not pretty scary but i find it difficult to be the evil guy.

    The only problem is u need $$$ to buy the game. I get the mobile version for cheap and I would say I don’t regret buying it. I may get the evolved version asap once I get my pocket money.

    I love the Santa’s scenario the most, check out my review of it in my blog..

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    1. I bought the full version of the game on Steam when it was on sale so I didn’t really have am issue with paying.

      Being the bad guy can be fun if you’re upset at society or something. But yes cure mode is quite satisfying too.

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      1. Cure mode is the only mode I am good at, as all it has to be done is keep any countries from being overwhelmed with those diseases.

        In the traditional mode, I try to lower the severity to hide the diseases but it is eventually discovered after a while and a cure is made like within a few months. It’s even harder when it comes to mega brutal

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      2. One of the strategies I use with traditional mode is I focus on transmission and abilities first and devolve symptoms if it mutates on its own. Once the whole world is infected, then I start adding the most lethal symptoms from the tree. Works great cause sometimes even on normal difficulty it can be discovered fast.

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    1. At this moment I do not have anything that I think would be worthy, but if you like anything I post please feel free to reblog it or tag it if you ever do anything on your blog that involves sharing what other people have done that you like.


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