Cutting The Region

These night shifts are such a drag, and I’m still far from done. One more tonight and I get a little bit of time off before I go back again on Wednesday and Thursday night.

I’m just trying to stay sane and keep my eyes on the prize which is my download of Shining Pearl I will be able to play this Friday. I was so excited that I preordered and that means I’m eligible to get s Manaphy egg!

When I went to bed at eight this morning, I had a dream where I had gained the Surf HM early and went all the way to Pacifidlog Town and rode the currents over and over again.

That can’t be right because that’s in the Hoenn region. In Sinnoh, there isn’t a lot of places to surf, except for some lakes and one long stretch towards the league.

Even so, I am already planning things like who’s going to be in my party. I still have to decide on a starter and I have a habit of leaving choices like that to the last minute! I was considering Piplup so I might go with that, but with also Palkia, it means I’ll have two water types on my team!

I also recall in the dream that I was wandering Sinnoh again, nowhere in particular, just around the region and I was eventually crossing the sea with Palkia towards the league. Ah the nostalgia it’ll bring.

The remaster looks to give me most of what I wanted and I hope that as I play, there will be more reveals.

Gen IV may be my favourite, but I still have lots of love for Gen III and even Gen V is great, its Victory Road and Elite Four themes are my favourite to listen to. I have a whole playlist of Pokemon themes across the generations!

Ah I can’t wait for Friday, just a few more night shifts to go and we’ll be going back to Sinnoh!


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