Lakeside Getaway

This post sounds like it could be an announcement that I’m taking a short vacation, but it really isn’t. I hate waking up on the morning of doing another set of night shifts because my body’s like, “now what?” a point where you can’t force yourself to sleep when you’re not tired, but feel like you have to prepare yourself for the abnormal routine. I’ve got just two more to get through and then I can play Shining Pearl.

In the meantime, this post is about another dream, that started in this one place downtown that always seems to be the exact same area from previous dreams that I never wrote about. The shops were different, and I suspected that there was something about the place that I didn’t like, it was far too crowded and noisy. It reminds me so much of the time I went downtown to meet some friends for dinner, and coincidentally, it was the day of the finals in the European Cup I think. The Italian team had won and went I went downtown, cars were honking constantly with people yelling, cheering, and waving flags. It’s something that is apparently considered a tradition in that country, and whenever their team wins, this is how they celebrate by being as loud and obnoxious as possible with no consideration that some people may not be a fan of such noise, people with ASD, for instance, can have a higher sensitivity to loud noises than others whether it’s a car horn or dropping a pin.

That part of the evening, had me trying to kill time while I waited for my friends to arrive and whenever people started driving past me and honked, I became enraged and wanted to yell at them to stop with my ears covered. It makes me worry about what am I going to do if I decide one day to move closer to my workplace? What if my new pad is near a central part of the city where people might be doing that when the games start again and I’m just trying to get some sleep because I have an early shift or a night shift? I’m not asking for people to stop their crazy celebrations, but I am asking for them to be considerate and know when it’s time to stop because people are starting to get annoyed or it’s late and other people need to sleep.

I personally have never been into watching sports so I have always found the way people celebrate victories of their home team, or over-the-top parties and marketing to be irksome. In this dream, I was trying to escape it.

When more cars started driving in, I started running towards the bridge back to the suburbs where I thought that would be a safe place for me, but more cars started to come. That was when I transformed and began to fly up the ravine towards the lake at a rapid pace. I’ve had many dreams where I fly across the lake because I’ve never been out on it in a boat, nor have I seen what’s on the other side. I mean, I do know that the US border is somewhere there but still! As I flew across the lake, I started humming Pokemon music and I’m listening to my Pokemon score playlist as I write this to prepare myself for Friday, even if I have to get some sleep first before I play!

I saw several train stations after passing over the lake and rivers that followed, and there I saw Karl Heisenberg waiting for me. I threw my arms around him and he kissed me. I told him that we were going to go somewhere nice but he didn’t have to take the train to get there. He was taking a vacation from his factory work and Miranda could go to hell if she had a problem with it. I mean, he’s the only one of the lords that could get away with blending in when out in public. I spread my wings and told him to hold on tight as we flew over the train tracks, then another lake that sparkled in the sunlight. He was gazing at me the whole time rather than the scenery and I sang to him, just any song I could think of because he likes to hear me sing. I am currently writing a Heisenberg fanfiction, and now that makes me think that I should add a scene where my character is singing and Karl walks in on her doing so, and singing is one of the things that keeps her calm and allows her to control her power because what I’ve written so far, is that her anxiety causes it to manifest uncontrollably.

Then at the shore, there was a villa, and as Karl and I landed, Palkia was waiting and started jumping excitedly when he saw us. I introduced Karl to him and that we would be staying here from now on and we went inside. I showed Karl around the place: a large window overlooking the lake in the living room. A small kitchen, a room with gaming PCs and a king-size bed. Karl told me it was perfect, a place where he could be distracted from his work and then he kissed me again and asked if I was up for a beach walk, I said yes.

Peace and quiet, no honking, no drama, it’s what I call paradise.

That’s my dream for today, just two more night shifts to go and this living dead girl can finally take a rest!


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