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Sometimes the Right Movement is Stronger in Shadows – Music of November 2021

Another month has gone and I spent a lot of it working now that I am adjusted to life with twelve-hour shifts. It turns out they are worth it because then I get two or three days off to fully recharge. That makes it easier to work on my writing, games I’m playing, schedule appointments and bring some hobbies back to life, like I was on a fanfiction hiatus for a while and somehow I found a way to resume doing it.

This month’s music might not feel as exciting to others, but it definitely describes November for me.

Britney Spears – Sometimes

This pretty song was a last-minute add, where I didn’t know which would be the fifth song for this post. Then I heard this on my coworker’s playlist and hadn’t heard it in years, so I began searching for it, and here we are!

A lot of Britney’s older songs don’t get enough attention, it’s usually her stuff from her 2000 album (which I listened to religiously in elementary school while I felt like everyone else in my class hated her for some reason but I never stopped loving her!)

The dock in this music video, I swear I’ve seen it before in two films. It’s probably in California, it just looks familiar. As I’ve said, I miss music videos like this: sex appeal without too much nudity and just a romantic feel to it.

Doja Cat feat. The Weeknd – You Right

Is Doja Cat the new Nicki Minaj or something? Well, this is the only song that I like by her so far, and I got sick and tired of Kiss Me More playing on the radio five times per day while I was at work for twelve hours. But this song is a lot softer and catchier, adding the Weeknd to it also is a great touch because whether you’re a big fan or not, he has tremendous talent.

I also like the cosmic themes of her latest music videos and something tells me she’s a gamer because she’s seen with a PS5 controller in some of them. It doesn’t take multiple listens to know what this song is about.

Nao Sato – The Final Movement

Let’s settle this, mano a mano!

I played through Village two more times this month. The second run was on Standard difficulty and then I found all the files, did all the labyrinth puzzles, and found just about every other treasure I could sell that I missed on my first run. Then the third run was a speedrun that I did for fun, didn’t think I could pull that off but I did, and I’m never gonna do it again because I would rather just enjoy the story, characters, (except Ethan and that boulder-punching asshole Chris for destroying my man’s factory!), music, and atmosphere the game has to offer next time I play!

Anyway, sometimes it takes more than one playthrough to appreciate other aspects of the game, such as the soundtrack. As much as it breaks my heart to have to fight Karl in this game because I think he deserved to be free, his boss fight actually has a cool theme and this is it. It is epic from start to finish and sounds so dark and suspenseful like a power struggle. The other boss fights were like that too, but the scores for them weren’t as epic as Karl’s.

His mutated form is badass just as his normal form is sexy, and the fight itself was really fun too since I have loved robots and other cybernetic monsters for years!

Let’s be real here, Ethan was without his daughter for 24 hours before getting her back, meanwhile, Karl was forced into Miranda’s servitude for decades and never really got a chance to live a life for his choosing so please answer this question: Who went through more pain and deserves freedom more?

Britney Spears – Stronger

Another Britney song, this month! I already had this one set up once I heard the news. It’s easy to forget this one exists, but it fits this month perfectly lyric-wise and the melody.

Why’s that? Britney is FINALLY free from that conservatorship that she’s been under from her dad for a decade. I learned about it earlier this year, after many incidents, it was where he controlled her finances and other decisions, yeah you get the picture.

But today, Britney’s been doing much better and at this point does she really need it anymore? No, she doesn’t, she’s almost forty, she should be able to make her own decisions. So when I heard the news, this was the first song that played and I’m so happy to hear she will be in control of her life again. She may have had some troubles in the past, but I’m hoping going forward she’s going to be a strong independent woman. I’ve been following her since the beginning and I will continue to.

Brian D’Oliveira – Yearning for Dark Shadows

Another beautiful track from Village that plays during the credits! When the game starts, it tells the first part of the book that is read to Rose, and when you finish the game, it reveals what happens at the end. The game’s events and the fairy tale are parallel to each other in a way and this track makes me think of just that.

A mysterious melody with soft vocals, it’s the perfect theme for the game overall. The game itself isn’t perfect but I’m not going to ramble about every little flaw. However there are so many things about it that make me love it so much, regardless, that it is, without a doubt, my game of the year for 2021.

The Bat Lord = Alcina Dimitrescu

Dark weaver = Donna Beneviento

The Fish King = Salvatore Moreau

The Iron Steed = Karl Heisenberg

The Witch Queen = Mother Miranda

It didn’t take me long to figure that out!

So, no Rob Zombie this month after three in a row, sorry folks! But, I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for all of the support you gave for my Hellbilly Deluxe album review and for being so welcoming because there are sometimes a lot of gatekeepers in the rock and metal fandom, which I hate.

That’s it for now, I have some content planned. I don’t follow a schedule because of how busy I can get, I just work on something and publish it when I think it’s ready. I can tell you for now that I have several things I am going to write very soon.


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