Stop Telling Me What To Play Next

There are two types of gamers in the world who like to share with others what they think is great.

Gamers who make suggestions what they think fellow gamers might enjoy.

Then there are gamers who almost demand other gamers what they should play because it is what they are playing and seem to think that their taste is superior to others.

I am totally open to any recommendations when it comes to video games. But, it depends on how you go about recommending a game to me.

One time on Discord, a person who added me noticed I was playing Village. He asked me if I was a RE fan, I said I was really enjoying Village and RE7. Any friendly person with common sense in the world looking to strike up a conversation could ask me what it is I enjoy about those two RE games.

Except no, instead what he did was jump straight into sounding like a dictator:

You should play the second RE game and skip RE3, it’s way too short.

Oh so you must be a real expert then? The usage of starting the statement with “you should play this next” to me, is easily interpreted as giving orders rather than suggestions. The Internet makes that harder to decipher between the two as well.

Another time, I was recommended SWTOR using the same language as the example above. I’m probably the only one in my niche blogging community that has zero interest in MMORPGs, even if SWTOR has missions in it that can be completed alone according to my brother who plays it. Still, no thank you.

I also have another example that involved COD but I’m getting a little too ahead of myself here so back to the main idea.

I hate those kinds of gamers who think that everyone should play what they are playing, and when they notice that someone is not doing just that, they jump right in like, oh no you should play this, not that. Excuse me, it’s my decision what I play next after I finish with what I’m currently playing. But sometimes whenever I say that they continue to put up their defences like they’re Helm’s Deep being hit by double the number of Isengard’s forces.

Yeah, I’ve been playing a lot of Shadow of Mordor lately and I should consider doing another LOTR movie marathon someday! Then again, maybe I’m also getting defensive too because one of the challenges with ASD is interpreting people’s tones in their voices and words. They could sound like they are just making a casual recommendation via text or verbally, but when I hear or read it, I could pick up the word “should” and mistake it for a demand.

Regardless, I still hate encountering gamers who think their taste is sovereign. So maybe the RE3 remake was a short game to you, but what if I really wanted to play it? What if I wanted to play as Jill trying to evade Nemesis in the streets? I’ve played shorter games before and many of them were still great.

Then on the other hand, maybe I don’t want to play COD because of its toxic community. Or perhaps you want me to play some other horror game that you think is ten times better than RE, but I had a look at it and it failed to interest me.

I think there’s a better way to do this. If you want to give a game recommendation, show some enthusiasm, but don’t sound too demanding. Also, don’t tell me what I should not play. If a game has been negatively received by critics and players alike, I will be the judge of that and not let that dissuade me.

But at the end of the day, it is my decision on what I choose to play next, whether it’s an item waiting to leave the backlog, or an old favourite to be replayed.


24 thoughts on “Stop Telling Me What To Play Next”

  1. I feel like how this sort of stuff comes off entirely depends on the games you’re discussing. If I’m playing a COD game and someone says “hey, you should play this other COD game”, then I probably will because every game in the franchise is functionally the same. But in franchises like RE where some games are first person, others third person, the oldest games have fixed cameras and remakes of themselves, recommending previous games just because you’ve played a recent one, while offering zero extra context as to why you should, is probably not a good idea.

    I don’t mind people pushing their recommendations on me. I am a rather stubborn person so just nod and pretend to have listened. It’s more the elitism that you describe that tends to bug me – those guys who think that because they played 2 similar games means they’re an encyclopedia on the entire genre. Happens a lot in the Fallout franchise; I talk a lot about how I enjoy Fallout 4 despite my gripes with it and yet people always say “well have you played New Vegas? Its better and made by some of the franchises original developers.” My answer is always “yes I have” and “what does this have to do with me explaining to you how dogmeat set off a landmine and killed me in a shopping mall?”

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    1. As a Taurus, I can be pretty stubborn too but what does happen, is I just say okay, I’ll consider it and end it there. But if they persist I just do the broken record thing and repeat myself. I don’t like it when people push it too much because to me they’re just being rude.

      Yes that is true, it seems previous RE games differ from most recent, especially with camera views so I found that suggestion to be invalid to me and the points you just gave. I would rather just decide for myself whether to check out a certain game.

      Oh and COD definitely isn’t for me. I was telling someone once all these cool RPG games I’ve played recently and they were like, you should play COD I can see you raging into the mic… NO THANK YOU. I’m not that kind of gamer, doing that sounds like a waste of time!

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      1. Sarcasm is not something I am good with. I just found it insulting like why would I throw away all these amazing experiences I’ve had in these story-rich games to play COD? 🤦‍♀️ I play video games to be transported to different worlds not to deal with toxic people.

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  2. Like you said, the internet (and more specifically text only!) communications can make this sort of thing quite difficult to decipher the intent and tone behind the words.

    I’m wholly onboard with the sentiment of the post, but sometimes I think the ‘you should’ words are meant in a way similar to: ‘Oh, if you enjoyed x then you should totally play y’ but with the first half or so of that abbreviated away.

    I think that tone and intent is OK, where the ‘should’ is used in a pretty colloquial sense. Most of the conversations of this nature I run into, I *think*, are intended in this way — or at least I choose to give benefit of the doubt and interpret this way in the first instance.

    But like you also said in your comment-reply to Alex, when it becomes persistent, demanding, no longer a recommendation but a command — absolutely that is a step too far and very frustrating!

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    1. Everyone interprets the terms with the word “should” differently and it appears that you see it in just that which is fine. But the problem I had after that was when the person jumped straight into saying skip RE3, like okay really? Game length doesn’t bother me, I’m genuinely surprised because isn’t it another one of Capcom’s popular titles under that franchise?

      Anyway, I’m just the kind of person who wants to decide for themselves and I shouldn’t interpret everything as a command but the Internet makes it easy to do so. They make it sound like, do it immediately when I like to do all of this at my own pace. If people become persistent that’s when I just ignore them afterwards.

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  3. The more time I spend in the gaming community, the less patience I have for people with the “games I like are good, and games you like are bad” attitude. I’m tired of feeling like I have to defend my choices, or explain why I find something enjoyable. It’s so irritating. So I don’t bother fighting with people anymore – I’ll be over here enjoying my “baby” games like Animal Crossing, while COD players continue to spend $60 every year on the same game.

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    1. Hahaha yeah that’s exactly how I feel! I know right, we shouldn’t have to do that! I choose not to play MMORPGS or any other MMOs, or COD, and that is my choice! It’s not for me. You’re right it’s better to just ignore them, they apparently think our love for Animal Crossing or Mass Effect is baby-ish, that’s their loss.

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    1. Yeah it is, like thanks for the suggestion (even if it sounded demanding) but I will be the judge of whether that game is worth my time.


  4. I am an RE fan since I was 4 years old (I’m 28 now) and I would never tell anyone to skip any RE game. I would say that there are a few I don’t like as much as others, but I wouldn’t discourage you from playing any of them because they all are interesting in some way and that can go for many franchises. I’m more of a fan of the original RE style and I personally believe that RE1 remake is the best of all three but the other two are amazing as well since I’m not too much a fan of 1st person shooter but RE7 was terrifying and I enjoyed that but I was slightly disappointed with village, though it still had fun completing it and getting all trophies. Sorry for the rant, I just wanted to post my opinion lol cheers!

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    1. We are the same age then! I loved RE7 but Village I loved even more for its environment and characters. The rest of them some are appealing and some are not.

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      1. Well hello fellow 28 year old Taurus! lol 13th of May here. I agree that some aren’t appealing. If you haven’t tried the remakes or RE0 then I would say give it a try if you desire because they are the very beating heart of the franchise (only saying that because for years that’s how the franchise started) but some others are okay like RE5 and RE4 but I guess it all depends on if you prefer tank controls, third person, first person, etc. I like third person because after a while first person gets tiring on my eyes. But! If you want to play a extremely disturbing and awesome first person horror game give Outlast 1 and 2 a try if you like! (Not trying to shove it down your throat) those games are excellent.

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      2. May 7th here! Right now only RE3 remake has interested me but I don’t know for sure if I’m going to play it, Nemesis looks badass though. I actually prefer first person when it comes to horror because it makes it even more adrenaline-inducing! That’s what made Village so much fun for me. I’ve played through it three times, don’t have all the achievements but I will definitely go back to it again just to see my favourite characters. Alright at least you made it clear you’re not shoving it down my throat haha. But I do enjoy some third person games too, but those are mostly RPGS and some shooters.

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      3. And yes I agree that first person is more adrenaline-inducing. That’s a fact, I just get a little loopy after a couple hours of playing with that view haha

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    1. Yeah it does feel like force sometimes. I will play what I want to play and I let people ask me what I’m playing instead of telling them what they should play.

      People have tried to get me into some series that I have looked at and they are not for me.

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