Ella Enchanted – Curse of Obedience

I would like to thank my Kobo for helping me rediscover books that I didn’t get a chance to read as a child. People would give me books, or I would order them from the Scholastic flyer (remember that?) because of the bonuses that came with them and I would either read it or not.

A classic incoming, I wish I had read it earlier, but I only saw the movie, so here we go.

Ella Enchanted: Levine, Gail Carson: 9780064407052: Books -

Since I hadn’t watched the movie in a long time, I was able to picture the characters fresh out of my mind. And of course, the book takes a different approach.

For instance, Ella and Char become friends in the beginning at her mother’s funeral and the former is sent to finishing school.

There is some interesting lore present such as how ogres have persuasive magic abilities and fairies are not allowed to cast any big spells that would basically give away that they are a fairy. For example, disappearing in public. No surprise Lucinda doesn’t care what others think.

I hated Hattie and Olive just as much in this book, and as usual, they take advantage of Ella’s curse to satisfy their own needs. What’s interesting is that if Ella tries to resist a command, she’ll get various symptoms until she ceases and obeys.

In a way, I think the book tells a little bit more of a serious story while the movie is like a comedy. Then, of course, we get our Cinderella elements towards the last several chapters. When Ella realizes Char loves her, she feels they can’t be together because her curse would endanger him if anyone else found out.

I didn’t understand how Mandy made Lucinda regret the gifts she’s given but I can see how Ella broke the curse herself. Why didn’t she think of fighting that hard earlier? I guess it had to be strong enough for her to resist completely out of love for someone.

It wasn’t long but it was an enjoyable read. Better late than never.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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