I slept for twelve hours last night, after coming off my last night shift until tomorrow. I planned to binge play Shining Pearl until I got too tired to keep going. I climbed to Mt. Coronet’s summit; a route that I know by heart due to constantly going back to the Spear Pillar in the original game, even after stopping Team Galactic. I just love the music there and would fantasize about stargazing there… you know, I might have shared that before hehe, oh and the music en route to the summit is great too!

Anyway, last night I reached the top, watched my precious Palkia appear, pulverized Mars and Jupiter, and I beat Cyrus right after. His Weavile was a pain in the ass using Dig over and over again.

I wanted to try catching Palkia with an ultra ball and save my master ball for something more elusive or stronger. I was surprised that it had Aqua Ring, a move that I despise if I’m facing a strong opponent. My Empoleon slowly depleted the HP down to the red zone even though the Aqua Ring kept trying to restore it.

I often get legendaries down to at least 1 HP before throwing the first ball, that was not the case here. On my second attempt at the battle (because I accidentally fainted Palkia on the first) I threw the first out of thirty-five ultra balls when it looked like the HP was low enough, to my astonishment, the first ball was a success! I was super happy to catch my Palkia again! Meant to take a screenshot approaching just before the battle, but my character just ran up automatically and the battle immediately started when she was close enough before I could react, ah well living the moment is better than trying to capture it, I always say.

I am also writing right now about a rather strange dream I had featuring the Four Horsemen again, as for the past month, I have been spending a significant chunk of my days off working on my fanfiction which has helped tremendously in getting back into the swing of the hobby. I have published multiple chapters of my Darksiders and Village fanfic in that time and this dream reminded me slightly of the last chapter I published of the former.

I was sitting with War, in the Void conversing with him about both of the struggles we had gone through, his false accusation and my own losses were hard to compare though. But I found his nobility to be comforting that I could do anything, this is just like how it went in the last chapter I wrote. But I wasn’t my character in that story, I was my Dragon Master OC, then Fury approached us in her Fire Hollow form and said she needed me for something. I told War I would be back later.

The dream then cut to Fury and I trying to stop these flaming storm clouds from engulfing the city. She said something that our combined powers would be able to defeat them. It was apparently coming from an unnamed demon neither she nor the other Horsemen had encountered before. I wonder if she meant Lucifer, because he will make an appearance in my fanfic in cahoots with the Charred Council.

You will have to play all four games to understand since my story starts after the events of the first one which is technically the last in chronological order!

Other than that, Fury and I were struggling to conceal the clouds as they seemed to have a mind of their own, and we could not touch them. There was a special way to do it, create a shield and trap them in it. Fury didn’t think she could do it on her own!

That’s all I really remember about that dream and I have neglected to write about a lot of great dreams to a point where I am only writing about ones where characters I like appear in them. I hope in 2022 I can write about more great dreams regardless of who’s in them.


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