The Weeks of Reading Fruits Basket

It’s not often that I pick up manga series and read my way through all its volumes like I used to. But ever since I got my Kobo, I’ve discovered some series I wanted to read.

Like, Fruits Basket is a popular shojo series consisting of twenty-three volumes. I read bits and pieces some of it at my high school’s library but never in chronological order due to not all volumes being available every time I went there.

I could have just borrowed them but never considered that since I already had books at home to read. I guess I didn’t feel like adding to the backlog. Now I have finally got to read this series in full, part of me actually enjoys reading manga more than anime even though I am not super into it like some other people I know.

stunning art and story

I found Fruits Basket to be like a rom-com, but there were some darker moments present which I will describe some in detail.

The story is about a girl named Tohru who begins to live with the Sohma family after her mother dies, and she discovers they are all under a curse. Each of them are possessed by the spirits of each Chinese zodiac animal. As the story progresses, Tohru brings some sunshine into their lives as she meets each of them.

Some of them warm up to her quickly, while others take a little bit longer. But by the time I got to the 11th volume did the story really take a dark turn to what the real conflict is. The 6th volume also revealed some deeper lore on Kyo, who has the cat spirit. Of course, there is no cat as part of the Chinese zodiac but that’s what makes it interesting.

I liked Tohru for her optimism and independence, and I especially loved her sisterly bond with Kisa (the tiger). The only character I really hated was Hiro for him being so critical of everyone. He also takes an instant dislike to Tohru when they meet and has a sharp tongue for his age when he speaks to people older than him. It made me just want to spank and yell at him to pick on someone his own size. So, I was pleased when he finally realized he was being an asshole when he made Kisa cry.

Is it weird that I am attracted to Ayame? He’s the snake and with the flamboyant way he dresses and that really long hair and personality, I can’t help but say he’s handsome! I seem to easily crush on characters who are vivacious and confident because I wish I could be more like them, even if they may be too over-confident.

Rin is another character I liked who went through hell. Reading the section about her backstory and later imprisonment and torture by Akito, was where I couldn’t put it down. It was illustrated in a way that felt so emotional and dark.

Speaking of Akito, they’re darn interesting too (to avoid spoiling too much I’m using that pronoun to give you readers a chance to discover for yourselves Akito’s real identity because I don’t believe everyone who follows this blog has read the series) albeit violent at first until more is unveil about their story and status. I think Akito finally realized how controlling and possessive they’ve become when Tohru offers that they start over but falls off a cliff. There’s a lot to Akito’s past that I enjoyed reading as well.

The best parts it’s hard to pick but I will say I enjoyed the darker parts of this series: The revelation of Kyo’s true form, Akito as the God and warning Tohru not to interfere, and when Haru learns the truth that Rin was being tortured and imprisoned again. It shows that it’s not always about comedy and it’s nice to see that chapters sometimes focus on the growth of other characters, not just the protagonist.

Fruits Basket Manga - Final Thoughts - AstroNerdBoy's Anime & Manga Blog |  AstroNerdBoy's Anime & Manga Blog

Let me just say I was waiting for Tohru and Kyo to get together. It took a while but I would rather see a romance that grows rather than occurs at the snap of a finger, and that’s exactly what I like about the romance in this series, it never takes a traditional route and doesn’t always start off with everything bright and happy.

Anyway, great manga series. I’m so glad I finally read it. Have you read it? I don’t think I will see the anime since I’m more of a binge reader than watcher, ah well that’s me.


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