The Two Princesses of Bamarre – Quest for the Gray Death Cure

Starting off 2022 with another childhood book review that I never got a chance to read by the same author.

I always feel like all I do when on the night shift is work and sleep, but when it’s quiet, I can do lots of reading.

The Two Princesses of Bamarre: Levine, Gail Carson: 9780064409667: Books -

This story takes place in the kingdom of Bamarre. Princess Adelina and Meryl are closer than ever but both have different passions. When the latter contracts a disease called Gray Death, Addie wants nothing more but to save her sister.

Addie is very timid but musters up the courage to embark on a quest to find a cure and is given several magic supplies to help her on her journey like high-speed boots, a tablecloth that can provide an endless supply of food an invisibility cloak and a spyglass that can see further than any other.

In this universe, there are ogres, spectres, dragons, dwarves, and many other creatures you’d expect in a fantasy story like this. One person who helps her frequently that I liked was Rhys the young sorcerer. It was cool how the first spell he shows that he was taught was how to move clouds so that they can even be used as beds. I often pictured him to be dashing, similar to Prince Henry from Ever After. I still love fairy tales to this very day!

Addie was basically on a race against time given how Gray Death progressed and I couldn’t put the book down once she decided to search a dragon’s lair in the desert for answers once she discovered her sister’s condition worsened. I guess the dragon Vollys smelled all those gryphons gorging themselves to death from the magic tablecloth and took Addie hostage as a result.

What I liked about Vollys that made me enjoy this book more is that she’s not your average dragon who eats anything that moves. She hoards treasures and gives Addie a chance to impress her instead and lets her share some of her riches. She’ll also confiscate some when Addie vexes her.

They get along at first but eventually, Addie has to plan her escape when time is short. I was up late reading these chapters wondering how she was going to pull off escaping Vollys. The first attempt failed, but when she did the second time there wasn’t much time left for Meryl. I was surprised Vollys survived that ordeal and showed up later at the final push!

I didn’t understand why there were so many monsters en route to the falls, maybe they guard them? It was great to see both princesses in action though. I love it when these stories show a princess or a queen facing evil forces as you know!

I always knew Rhys and Addie were going to marry in the end, their first kiss prior was super sweet, just one scene that makes you go awwww when you read it. Their relationship I like because it starts off as friendship and grows deeper. Normally, in most stories sorcerers mages are forbidden to love but Rhys defies this. He will certainly outlive her but as long as their life together is a happy one.

As for what happened to Meryl, I did not expect that at all. I was counting on her to drink from the water. But it sounds like becoming a fairy in this universe is something I would sign up for!

Addie and Meryl are still completely different, but they still love each other. A sibling bond like that is like my brother and I. I enjoyed this book more than I thought.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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