Grammarly Premium Should I Use It?

When I’m considering what to write for a blog post or a fanfiction, the words come to me like wildfire as I brainstorm or speak it out loud when I’m alone of course, but the moment I sit down to actually write it, it feels like my brain just went blank. Then before I know it, I have a dictionary tab open at all times to check to see if I’m using the correct words to describe something, or the thesaurus for some synonyms so I’m not using the same words all the time. It makes me feel ashamed that I’m doing this when I can conjure what to say in my head flawlessly but when it’s time to actually write it down, it doesn’t emerge the way I thought it would.

It’s like my vocabulary is dwindling for some reason and I was trying to figure out why that is. Some research indicates the reason for this is we have become so reliant on technology with digital communication like emails and instant messaging and much of our vocabulary can be improved through verbal communication instead.

Or maybe we can still use digital sources to improve, I’m not an expert but I’ve made attempts to improve by using frequently. The app also gives me a word of the day. I have a physical dictionary too that I purchased back in college and I do crossword puzzles from time to time, but another idea struck me of what could also help.

What’s been eating at me the most is finding more words to use, and I came across Grammarly. It’s a site that’s been advertised to me before and I shunned the idea of using it to improve because the feature I wanted the most were locked behind the premium subscriptions and I try not to pay for too many of those! Right now I just use the basic features of Grammarly, here and Wattpad (it doesn’t always work here for some reason), where it corrects my spelling and punctuation.

But it isn’t much since all the other suggestions are behind premium. I sometimes wonder if I really should just buy the premium, especially if my blog is to grow and my fanfics too to continue to improve my writing. I always think of the possibility of changing my blog’s plan in the future as well, especially if my audience increases.

So what about this, should I try the premium? I hate the idea of almost everything on the Internet being locked behind subscriptions because businesses seem to view it as the best way to siphon more money from us. But sometimes I do make an exception so what about this one?


4 thoughts on “Grammarly Premium Should I Use It?”

  1. Based on what I’ve seen of your writing, I’d say not to get it. Your vocabulary seems fine to me. I’ve never been sat here thinking “wish she’d spice it up a bit.” I think you’re a pretty gokd writer

    As you seem to say, you’re essentially paying for a thesaurus except you just hover over a word to get more solutions instead of having to search it in Google for free. If you feel you will benefit from the other premium bonuses then go for it I guess.

    Also it’s a bit of a gamble to get it for blog purposes solely just in case your audience grows. Not to say it can’t happen if you double down on it or whatever, just that it would seem like a better move to make once you have that larger audience rather than in anticipation of one.

    I also use the free version of Grammarly for work purposes but turn it off when I’m not working, like when I’m blogging or whatever. I don’t like how 90% of the “corrections” it suggests are simple dashes or comas that don’t always need to be there at all, or (in some cases) don’t even need to be added. I much prefer letting a Google Doc or Word document find my errors for me.


    1. Well I lucked out writing this and managed to not repeat the same words surprisingly. Yes that’s true but it is also slightly time-consuming to have to keep switching tabs to, especially if I sometimes forget to open it. Right now I have the free Grammarly version which does correct me a little even when I reply to comments here! They offer two different plans and one is for business and one is for personal, like blogging and I personally feel like my writing should improve a little but not to a point where I no longer feel like myself when I write. That is why I am considering it.


  2. I have Grammarly Premium — never would have bought it just for myself, but my wife was putting the final touches on her Master’s dissertation, so we picked up a 6-month sub.

    For her purposes? It was fantastic.
    For mine? Ehhh.

    I think from your description you might fit into the latter category of ‘Ehhh’ as well. If anything re: vocabulary, it would encourage you to simplify rather than to diversify.

    I do find it useful for reining in some of the worst aspects of my bad punctuation habits though. But with how expensive it is, I’ll almost certainly be returning to the free version once this sub is done.

    If you have any specific questions or even sample text you want me to run through it and show you what it would suggest for it, happy to do so.


    1. For professional use, I get. It has a plan for business users and one for personal like bloggers. I just find myself using the same words or same set of language and it could be a useful tool to help me use different words or learn how to say things in different ways. Maybe I need to get more perspectives like from people who do use the premium and enjoy it, they might also tell me what I want to know. That way I can get out of that “Ehh” category and actually make a choice. But I get it, it’s expensive yes. Seems more expensive than my Switch Online membership.


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