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The Witcher S2 E1 – A Grain of Truth

I find it quite challenging to commit to writing reviews of TV series compared to book and video game reviews, while ones on films I’ve just simply given up on! But, now I feel committed to doing this at my own pace instead of trying to pump them out weekly, especially since my lifestyle has changed since then.

We’re back to the second season of The Witcher and it picks up almost where the last season ended with Geralt and Ciri finally meeting.

Ciri looks different in this season, a little older, maybe a little prettier too. Geralt’s taking her to Kaer Morhen so I’m expecting some epic things to happen this season if we’re starting to go to familiar places the games introduced!

Geralt believes Yennefer to be dead after seeing the aftermath of the battle of Sodden and Tissaia seems to confirm it. The last we saw of Yen was when she unleashed a huge stream of fire to ward off the Nilfgaardian forces and then vanished so I wouldn’t call that dead yet.

This episode got really interesting when Geralt took a detour to an abandoned village seen as our opener and visited his old friend Nivellen who’s been turned into a beast from a curse. He wields magic and seemed like a charming fellow who offered them shelter for the night. I became suspicious when I saw someone watching Ciri through the ceiling as she bathed, but I didn’t realize it was a bruxa. They seem to have an interesting way of moving around and hiding in places.

I like Vereena as a bruxa better than the ones in the game, it shows they’re more than just mere vampires that strip their clothes off the moment they reveal their true colours. I also felt sorry for Nivellen since he basically gave up on trying to lift his curse and took Vereena in after she terrorized the nearby village and let her feed on him, until I realized what he did that caused the curse. Of course, Geralt has a job and that’s to rid the world of monsters, even if it means betraying a friend’s trust to keep them safe from a larger threat.

It turns out Yennefer is captive with the remaining Nilfgaard forces and I guess we’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out who ambushed them.

Very good episode and intro to the second season, I can only hope it gets better from there. The first season was all about each of the main character’s stories beginning at different times until they were all caught up, now it’s about to get epic. I really hope they do this series justice based on the books (which I have yet to read) and not butcher it like a certain series was a victim to.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


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