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The Witcher S2 E2 – Kaer Morhen

Welcome back to another episode analysis of The Witcher, now things are really starting to get intense as Geralt and Ciri arrive at Kaer Morhen and Yennefer and Fringilla are revealed to be taken captive by elves.

Credit: Netflix

Once again I find myself more engaged with the plotline involving Geralt and Ciri just like the previous episode. It was great to finally see Kaer Morhen and meet the other witchers, especially Vesemir. Ciri is eager to train to defend herself to kill one knight who pursued her when she was trying to escape the siege of Cintra while Geralt spends time with his brethren, suspicious of one of them who killed a leshy recently.

I like Vesemir in this series already, he looks just like I imagined him to and I am sure he will become fond of Ciri just as Geralt will as he tells her stories of past witchers and the relics in the castle. Of course, the other witchers in the fort don’t seem to take their jobs as seriously as Geralt when they throw a party with prostitutes and Eskel the leshy killer, turns into one himself from being infected by it.

I remember facing one of those monsters in the game in Skellige, was difficult to kill and took a while to hunt down after receiving the contract, but Geralt and Vesemir restrain it Hellraiser style before stabbing it in the heart. Heartbreaking to kill your own kind when there may not be any hope to save them but at least now what happens afterward, Ciri is on the road to becoming a stronger character!

As for Yen and Fringilla, these elves I know little about, maybe because I didn’t pay much attention to their lore, but their journey leads to them meeting the Deathless Mother, in three different forms for each of them and Francesca sees it in the form as a prophet her clan worships. The demon appears to offer them all something, and maybe I’m just imagining things but it sounded like she was talking to Francesca the prophecy of the White Frost, without being obvious.

Poor Yen had to endure the worst of the demon’s torture when she is presented with the simple test she couldn’t pass at Aretuza, implying her Chaos is gone, I guess she was right about that at the end. What will Yen do now? Why do I get the feeling we might see this take an even darker route next? Maybe I might even see the Wild Hunt!

Only time will tell. Another brilliant one.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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