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The Witcher S2 E3 – What Is Lost

Some episodes are weaker than others and maybe this one makes that cut with certain moments that it has.


At Kaer Morhen Geralt and Vesemir are attempting to move on from Eskel’s death and Ciri wants to train to become a witcher herself. Of course, the last episode ended with Geralt beginning to train her but she wants to do more and she’s started having visions again of something different.

Eventually, some other witchers such as Lambert are hostile towards Ciri and then invite her to try a difficult obstacle course involved in witcher training. Despite failing several times and enduring his taunts, Ciri persists until she makes it to the end but doesn’t make the perfect landing. Like I said, her character’s much better in this season and I’m looking forward to more.

Meanwhile, Yennefer returns to Tissaia and the other mages, and I still find myself unable to follow this political side of the story as well as Geralt’s in this season. She does share a reunion with Triss and Sabrina. The former’s hair is now red which I wonder is a side effect from the burns she received at the battle of Sodden. Yen is clearly lost in every way, from losing her magic and her fertility that it eventually drives her to free the Nilfgaardian prisoner rather than behead him before the kings at the request of the Brotherhood. What is she plotting? I have to say this season’s story arc that is the strongest is Geralt and Ciri’s at the moment, even if Yen is one of my favourite characters. It’s just easier to follow and understand at first watch.

Rating: 3 out of 5.


3 thoughts on “The Witcher S2 E3 – What Is Lost”

  1. I also preferred Ciri this season! She’s starting to come into her own. As for Triss’s redder hair I think it’s the result of fans complaining it wasn’t red enough (like on the games haha) 😂 although, I do prefer how she looks this season.

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    1. Definitely, she’s a much stronger character now. But wasn’t Triss’s hair originally brown in the books? I wish people would stop getting so worked up over these visual things.

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      1. I believe it was described once as ‘auburn’ in the books which is a very reddish brown. Yeah, I think they actually did well with most of their casting, and no-one in reality looks as flawless and vibrant as a game character!

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