Negative Energy Haze

What a vivid dream right before I transition to night shifts for the next two nights!

I always hate going to bed the night before a night shift knowing it’ll be the last time I get to sleep during the desired time my body is wired to do so, for the next 48 hours that is.

I stayed up late grinding at a short heartfelt indie game, which I not only completed but also got all the achievements. When some other posts are cleared, I will write about them.

All right, time for the main event of this post which is another dream as Dragon Master.

It started where I was at a farm that I often went to when I was little. I loved running through the corn maze and always found my way through no matter which side I entered.

This time I was visiting the farm because there were some strange sightings reported. The place was covered with fog so thick that you might as well consider it to be the clouds themselves dropping perpetually and remaining opaque. I could barely see anything.

The Infinity Core around my neck was reacting to something within the corn maze, like a witcher’s medallion does to the presence of a monster. I walked inside and investigated, the fog was engulfing the corn making it much harder to navigate, the core pulsed detecting negative energy from its opposite core. But there was nothing present that could be a threat. So what was the source of all this haze, and why did it feel like Naga was behind this.

As I could faintly see the exit of the maze up ahead, I heard rustling like the maze had come to life and was attempting to block my escape. I squeezed my way through quickly back into the dense fog and heard Palkia’s familiar cry.

One of the aspects I never talked about with my OC is she has the ability to understand dragons that don’t speak the same tongue as humans. Palkia floated down from the sky warning me that more negative energy was detected deeper within the haze. In the beginning, Palkia was the Dragon Master’s first and only guardian so Naga was always trying to attack us directly and keep us apart. Today, we still work together and make a powerful team. I transformed and we took to the sky.

We flew deeper into the fog over the fields and the highway, swooping under the bridges, and at one point in the latter, we were separated. This is also a part of a dream where I am trying to fly and get stuck in an enclosed space that makes it difficult. I called out to Palkia several times and there was no response. By the time I came back to the open air, it had got darker and strange music was playing in my mind.

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of dreams where I am flying but singing original songs; something that I’ve been trying to reacquire in my imagination. After one dream, I meant to sing the song so I could remember it but got sidetracked and it left my memory before I could. My only hope now is to sing it again in my dreams. But this melody gave a sense like something was coming, something dangerous. Not only was it darker but the fog was also denser. I still couldn’t find Palkia anywhere as I flew forward and then upward in the darkness.

The core started to react again indicating something was very close. Then I saw a strange structure, like a part inside of that geth dreadnought, Garrus was there scavenging with several other turian soldiers and they too were struggling with the thick fog. I landed and asked him if they saw any negative energy activity secreting from the fog. Garrus said I had to go deeper and mentioned he spotted Palkia further in, but warned me the amount was much stronger deeper in. I thanked him for the warning and kissed him for luck.

Then, I flew deeper into the darker fog, the intense melody grew louder, I did not make a sound other than the flutter of my great wings keeping me airborne. Suddenly the Infinity core surged as an unseen force spread through my body, and my screams erupted. Negative energy has the ability to attack without being visible, but for it to be this strong, the source would have to be present. Without it, only weak fragments do not inflict as much pain on vulnerable individuals such as the one who bears the opposite core. That meant that Naga had to be nearby.

I struggled to fly forward in the deep haze, my body glowing from the core’s reaction to the opposite energy. Then I saw a dragon shadow emerging from the fog, blurry at first but became sharper quickly. I knew it wasn’t Palkia, the wings were too spiky, almost like they were like a torn cape.

I cried out to Naga weakly as he emerged from the fog, laughing and then asked if he liked the power of the fog spreading as all of it contained negative energy. Then I realized that the first amount I was exposed to was really weak compared to up here in the sky where it was stronger, eventually to where he was hiding. I demanded to know where Palkia was.

He laughed again and said my guardian was holed up somewhere even deeper in the fog where the signal was strong, but since he was that signal, it was constantly moving and that I would never find Palkia in there. I struggled to rise up and then the core inside me pulsed so hard it pushed Naga back. He screamed in agony and recoiled before turning back to me. Then the core on his chest glowed a purplish-white growing to a gargantuan size like the first time he broke free of the Silent Core, absorbing it completely.

He didn’t say anything but in his eyes, I knew he was speaking this:

So be it, Dragon Master.

That was indicating that he would rather fight me than leave me to roam the fog and search for my beloved guardian. Perhaps he thought it was even more fun to watch me suffer at his clutches directly than have the dangerous fog do that for him. That was something he always enjoyed, so I’m not surprised.

Summoning my strength, I flew towards him and he charged as well, both cores engulfing us in our power, as we clashed in the fog. He still had the upper hand due to being surrounded by the energy the Silent Core was emitting. I don’t remember much of the battle, other than struggling to resist his attacks since he had the upper hand. My own attacks were barely damaging him, but the tipping point came when all the veins in his body connecting to the core began to glow until a beam shot from the core itself straight towards me.

I must have woken up when it hit as I shut my eyes bracing for impact when I was too weakened to evade. A pretty dark but intense dream, not necessarily a nightmare but just one of the things my Dragon Master OC sometimes goes through and I don’t want her to be OP so some battles you win, and some you lose. This was one of them.


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