If The Dragon Master Had A Video Game

With many dreams and other ways of fantasizing, plus my love for gaming, I sometimes wonder, what kind of video game my Dragon Master OC would have?

It didn’t hit me until a dream I had one night that reminded me of an old GameCube game I once had.

The second Spider-Man film in the original trilogy had a video game for the Nintendo GameCube. I frequently watched my brother play it but never tried it myself.

It was the first open-world game I ever saw, you could go all over New York and do whatever you want. Climb the Empire State, wander around Central Park, cross the bridge to Roosevelt, etc.

Of course, there is still the main quest that follows the film’s plot, but with a few changes. I recall that whenever my brother played, sometimes the main quest would involve going to a store to purchase new abilities but it was never marked on the HUD or map. So, at that point, I would just watch him screw around, climb buildings, stall traffic and do side quests that citizens would offer that involved taking care of usual crime-fighting or saving people from falling.

One of the most memorable elements of that game was when there were favours you could do, such as returning someone’s purse or balloon, the latter being silly to me. It’s a balloon, they eventually pop or float away. I remember when I was a kid, I liked balloons but today I cannot comprehend what it is I liked about them. My brother would try to retrieve the balloon but to no avail, so he would just go on about doing something else as the child continued to wail over a round latex object full of helium on a string floating further into the void of the sky.

There was also the pizza delivery quests too but I don’t think thay would suit my OC’s theme.

That being said, thinking back to that game, makes me believe that if my OC had a game of her own, it would be something just like that: flying all over the world stopping villains and criminals, doing favours for citizens, interacting with her guardians, and there would still be the main quest that would involve Naga as the antagonist. I’d want it to be a game that’s accessible for all, so there would be no restrictions as to which platform it would be on.

Unfortunately, since all the characters I use in my OC’s world are from other universes, it wouldn’t be something that becomes a reality, so it’s just my fantasy. But the dream I had was just like that game, except it was me as my OC doing the exact same things Spidey was doing. Going wherever I wanted, helping everyone and defeating bad guys!

So hey, that’s what kind of game I’d want my OC to have.


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