Unpacking – Homey Puzzles

I thought it was time to squeeze in a short indie game before returning to the main games currently in progress.

So I thought, how about one of the new indie games I just bought?

It’s a basic puzzle game where you are unpacking a girl’s belongings at different stages of her life, starting with a single bedroom, a college dorm, and eventually a whole house.

You can tell what each chapter tells of this person’s life with each of her belongings that you unpack. I also loved how throughout each chapter, there were some things, she always kept no matter how old she grew like her plush pig, board games and dice, portable game consoles, etc.

I don’t know why, but I always liked to unpack the bathroom first just because I somehow knew where everything was meant to go. But as the place expanded, I was more prone to being alerted that some things were in the wrong place once they were all unpacked.

Then the kitchen was harder, especially with how it got larger with each level and most of the things that were in the wrong spot, were there. Like wait I can’t put the toaster on that part of the counter? Uh okay then.

The bedroom I always liked to keep the plushies there and felt like its change in each chapter reflected on the protagonist’s current marital status and the person they were with.

I can tell you that from the den, the main character is a lifelong gamer and there was a different game on the console with each chapter which I liked. I loved how the radio would play something different anytime too!

The story that I think is told here is that the main character starts off by unpacking her room in her new home that her family moves into in 1997 giving her space of her own for the first time. I found it delightful to see all the 90’s stuff like the game consoles and her interest in art.

From there on she eventually moves into a university dorm, then into an apartment with some friends after graduating.

She eventually moves in with her boyfriend and barely has any space there. I was having trouble finding a place for her art supplies and diploma.

Then, she moves back home after breaking up with him, I was wondering why I couldn’t stick one of those photos on the bulletin board! If she was really hurt by that breakup, why didn’t she just toss the photo or burn it?

Sometime later she gets her own place again and her new girlfriend moves in shortly after, I could tell that this relationship was going to be better since when I unpacked the girlfriend’s things, she had much more similar taste with the protagonist.

Then they eventually buy a house and are starting a family. Through it all, she always kept her beloved pig and a passion for video games, music and art. She eventually goes on to build a successful career in art, which is evident from her office with the drawing tablet, sketchbooks and PC.

What a delightful game, sure it’s short but it’s wonderful to know how much of a story can be told by unpacking one’s possessions. The protagonist is just like me, wherever she goes, her most treasured possessions go with her, and I intend to do the same.

The achievements are easy to get so if you want to be a completionist, it won’t be a problem for you.

Wonderfully done.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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