Fangirling Androids

I love having these dreams that take place in the universes of video games that I will be playing soon for the first time.

It’s happened with Village, Dragon Age, and The Witcher in the past. Some I’ve written of while some I have not. What’s fun about them is my imagination runs freely to make my own story even if don’t know anything about the world and characters the game is from. Of course, I look forward to learning those things later. Sometimes they even foreshadow things like characters I grow to love, like in the first dream I had about Karl Heisenberg in Village before I played the game!

Now it’s Detroit Become Human, which I bought on sale. Never heard of it until I found out Neil Newbon played two roles in it when I attended his streams he was signing prints of those characters. Now, I’m going to play it once I am done with Hellblade and SoM’s DLCs.

This dream started in a fancy futuristic home, where androids and humans lived together and I was an android but it wasn’t obvious that I was. I wore a red dress like I was at some social event. The mansion had holo screens, voice command prompt stations, that sort of thing. There was also a large window taking up a whole wall that overlooked the city. I could see hundreds of hovercars from there.

I loved the spiral glass staircase in the center and ran up and slid down the railing carelessly. There was one other android girl with me, she had blonde hair and reminded me a lot of a character I saw from the trailer of the actual game, I think her name was Chloe so that’s what I shall call her in this dream.

I knew I was an android in this dream because there was a little blue circle behind my right eye when I looked in the mirror and my vision was flawless. (In real life my left eye is slightly weaker than my right) and my ears were like a bat’s, I could hear things around the mansion that any normal human being would find inaudible.

Androids seem to be made to have perfect senses, but the one solitary thing that me and this other android had was that we had complete emotion. Most androids in games, TV shows and films I’ve seen do not apprehend such a concept.

She and I were living with the human owner who didn’t know that there were emotions in our programming. He was a rather young guy who ordered us around and I wish I could remember his face enough to describe it but sadly I don’t.

One day, we were cleaning out the winery when the master came in and told us the founder would be visiting, but he didn’t say why other than that we were expected to stay out of the way and be on our best behaviour if we were requested. Chloe and I listened and responded in monotone voices as if we had been reprogrammed to be emotionless as some humans believe androids to be. Then when he was gone, we started giggling and swooning over how attractive we thought this man was.

I still don’t know much about the game, but I do have learned from little tidbits from fanpages that I follow that this character was a CEO and founder of the creation of the androids in the game, and is one of the characters that Neil plays. I have only seen short clips of him. But it was clear Chloe and I were in love with him in this dream. There was no explanation as to why, but hey, it shows how little I know!

Then when evening came, we spotted the black car arrive in the front courtyard through the gate while we were chatting and turned our eyes to see him step out of the vehicle.

As soon as I saw him, I was like, yeah now he is definitely who I thought he was! What does this mean?

Chloe and I got giddy with excitement, struggling to hold in our screams. We just wanted to run over and tell him how great we thought he was, even if he was human and we weren’t. But, inside we knew the master would forbid us to get close unless we were commanded to, we also didn’t want the former to find out about our emotional traits. He might see it as a flaw in our systems and have us reprogrammed with it removed.

The door opened, and we went to the top of the spiral staircase to eavesdrop at the railing. It was the perfect vantage point without being detected. He looked so handsome in his suit and clean-shaven visage with his black undercut in a bun. The master of the house greeted him formally shaking his hand.

Good evening Mr. Kamski, here to do an inspection?

When the man responded, his accent made Chloe and I swoon softly and then we started whispering how badly we wanted to kiss him when we grew tired of listening to him talk for hours. He said that he was there to make an offer of the company’s next progression step. Then they started to walk into the parlour and I couldn’t take it anymore being such a distance from him. I slid down the banister and Chloe was right behind me and we waited until they were further in before walking elegantly into the room just as he had taken a seat.

He stopped and never told the master to summons his androids. Chloe and I were fighting desperately to keep ourselves serene gazing at this man we thought was the dreamiest on Earth. A smile on my face turned into a giggle like it was intentional and then the CEO turned and asked if there was something wrong with us and made a command for us to stop. But nothing happened and soon Chloe started to get giddy as well. I suddenly burst how much I love him and wanted to move posts to his mansions instead and Chloe was speaking as well, excited as well, and agreeing with everything I said. I leaned towards him to gaze into his deep eyes, placing my hands on the chair’s arms and whispered in his ear I wanted to swim in his pool the most, especially when he was there….. okay that sounded naughty!

Then Chloe and climbed onto his lap gleefully from the other side saying she too would be happy to relocate to his mansion any day

Our master, exasperated, stepped in and pushed us out of the parlour as we struggled calling out the other man’s name thay we loved him. Then the door shut. I broke down on the floor realizing we would be reprogrammed after all. Chloe listened against the door and overheard that no decision was going to be made today, but he encouraged the master to keep us restrained until his next visit.

We hurried upstairs on the brink of sorrow, realizing that our fates were sealed as we hugged tearfully. Then we started talking about running away just in case the choice made was a reprogram.

I woke up a few minutes before my alarm went off and I thought about that Orden Ogan song about androids. It makes a valid point, can androids be more human? The one thing they long for is to experience human emotion, and this dream could illustrate what androids could be like if they had it. I highly doubt that is what is going to be in the game, but it also creates something to look forward to when I learn what the real story and characters are like.

I was going to add a gif or image of the character in this post but a lot of them seem to point to spoilers or just weren’t the right one in my mind, but if you have played the game already, you’ll know who I’m talking about.


5 thoughts on “Fangirling Androids”

    1. Welcome to my blog where every now and then you will get a post about some vivid dream I had, whether it ties to a particular universe or none at all and I feel like writing about it because it had something else in it that was so exciting.

      Neither have I, but I will play it soon, this dream is more like the surface of the game’s lore, I know absolutely nothing about the game other than it’s about humans and androids living together, and it’s one of those games that is not only supposed to be story rich but a game where choices matter… a lot.

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